Sir Mix-A-Lot


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Los Angeles, California, including Compton, Long Beach, and Inglewood;
people hailing from or representing Los Angeles and/or its surrounding areas
Collocates 6193, rep2, 3102, LBC2, 718, baller, barrio, Califas, dip, front, G, grill, hit switches, hoe, ki, ride, what's up, 504, holla at, O.G., player, represent, shout-out, 415, 510
Region L A, West Coast
Etymology from a Los Angeles telephone area code
Holonyms Cali, Califas
Meronyms Compton, CPT, Inglewood, LBC
Related concepts 212, 310, 313, 504, 510
Rhymes me2, LBC2, G, SD, O.G., ki's, crazy

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