40 ounce

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a 40 ounce bottle of malt liquor or beer
Categories Numbers, Quantities
Collocates act a fool2, corner2, head2, nickel bag2, O.E.2, Olde E2, Phillie2, St. Ides2, weed2, bitch, blunt, bounce, buck-wild, buddha, cap, club, cop, crack, digits, double O.G., fly, front, ghetto, G, hay, hoe, ill, kick it, kush, l, loc, loosie, la, mack, old school, on the cut, peep out, puff, sucker duck, thai, trip, what's up, yo, zig-zag
Domains Alcohol
Synonyms 40, 40 dog
Related concepts 64, Crooked I, pop, ST, St. Ides

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