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the police;
a police officer
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Collocates yo10, hoe6, block4, corner4, po-po4, ride4, roll4, blast3, G3, hydro3, I'mma3, on the low3, -iz-3, bitch2, bitch2, blaow2, blast2, creep2, dip2, ghost2, glock2, homie2, hood2, it's on2, knock2, one-time2, slug2, sweat2, trip2, nuff, -ass, 12, 45, AK, all about, base, beat, beef, bing, bitch, blow, buck, buck, coke, crack, deep, dog, dope, dope-fiend, dough, e, elbow, -iggity, finna, flow, fly, 44, for real, freak, fresh, fuck with, fuck with, game, got 5 on it, hate on, hater, hip-hop, holla at, homeboy, ill, ill, in effect, jack, jacker, jock, kilo, knock, lamp, mob, murk, 9, pack, pop, project, projects, real, ride, round, sheisty, shook, slang, slide, snitch, spark, spray, square, step, step up, straight up, TEC-9, throw up, throw, toast, tryna, weed, what's up, whip, yayo, yo
Domains Law Enforcement
Etymology from the television show Hawaii Five-O, so-called after Hawaii being the 50th state admitted to the USA
Related concepts hootie hoo, knock

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