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30-spoke wire wheels
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Collocates Vogue7 swang6 candy5 tip5 lac3 elbow3 crawl3 purple drank2 roll2 roll up2 ride2 drop2 swanga2 feet ⋅ floss fly froze G gangsta hustler I'mma jack ⋅ low-pro ⋅ new school ⋅ proper Rolls show out sit on slab slide ⋅ spinner ⋅ swang ⋅ throwed ⋅ thug drank ⋅ bang ⋅ 24 83's purple stuff ⋅ 64 Cadillac ⋅ Calico chain ⋅ chop ⋅ club deuces dub ⋅ fiend
Etymology referring to the year 1984, when this style of wire wheels was popularized
Shout-outs Chevrolet MOMO Pirelli Randy Moss
Synonyms 83's

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