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30-spoke wire wheels
Categories Cars, Numbers, Wheels
Collocates Vogue7, swang6, tip5, candy5, elbow3, lac3, crawl3, roll2, drop2, swanga2, ride2, purple drank2, roll up2, feet, floss, fly, froze, G, gangsta, hustler, I'mma, jack, low-pro, new school, proper, Rolls, show out, sit on, slab, slide, spinner, swang, throwed, thug, drank, 24, 83's, purple stuff, 64, Cadillac, Calico, chain, chop, club, deuces, dub, fiend
Etymology referring to the year 1984, when this style of wire wheels was popularized
Synonyms elbow, swanga
Related concepts 83's, low-rider, skate, True, Vogue, Zenith

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