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a 9 millimeter handgun
Categories Numbers, Weapons
Collocates tote15, glock13, vest8, clip7, strapped6, Mac6, TEC5, pack4, four pound4, uzi4, shotty4, spit4, 454, AK3, let off3, pop3, gat3, 443, thug2, body2, phat2, 12-gauge2, clap2, pump2, let off2, round2, hoodie2, fuck with2, slug2, dump2, son2, clip2, roll2, muffler2, deuce deuce2, keep it real, kick, lick off, -iggity, llama, loc'd out, MAC-10, mack, mad, nose candy, on the under, one-time, oowop, pound, QB, QBC, ride, rocked up, hype, sack, sawed-off, shit, shit, shorty, slip, spray, squab, stack, static, steel, strap, -ass, street, swang, TEC-9, thick, thug, trey deuce, trey pound, tryna, 24-7, V.I., Vega, word up, yac, yo, zip, crib, G, head, hoe, homie, illy, in the cut, jump off, trap, gang, crew, crab, chopper, D, squad, 40, 8, bang, bust, fly, heat, hollow-point, mean-mug, nickel nine, steelo, chrome, on the reg, buck, heater, chronic, tool, throw up, cream, mine, rhyme, ride, and shit, block, Calico, Desert Eagle, AK-47, SK, on the grind, chillin' like a villain, trip, uz, dump, four fifth, B.G., blast, D's, three pound seven, 5-0, front, 187, 40, 5000, 7:30, ayo, as fuck, bammer, barre, Benzo, biatch, biscuit, bitch, bling, buckshot, bumba claat, bust, bust a cap, bwoy, cake, cavi, chain, chill, dime, dog, dome, fed, flex, D, gangsta, gauge, ghetto, go off, gun-clapper, hammer
Derivatives nina
Etymology Derives from 9 mm
Related concepts 44, glock

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