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Atlanta, Georgia;
people hailing from or representing Atlanta
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Collocates H-town5 ride3 Chi-town3 fuck with2 mail2 ball2 honey2 player2 roll2 thug2 weed2 M.I.A.2 bout it2 cop crib crunk De Ville ⋅ digits drop-top ⋅ freak ⋅ G grass hard hater holla at ⋅ hood Illtown jack ⋅ yayo make it rain make moves ⋅ O ⋅ O.G. off the hook parlay Philly ⋅ pound ⋅ push represent rider ⋅ roll out shorty ⋅ shell ⋅ shook ⋅ sling ⋅ soldier ⋅ spit the Bay trap what the deal ⋅ yay muh'fucker glocked up rocked up Illadelph locked ⋅ locked up ⋅ sewed up ⋅ Chiraq shotta thick ⋅ hoe A-town A-town stomp about ⋅ bird bitch bitch bow ⋅ bubba kush ⋅ buck ⋅ bump ⋅ come up
Region Dirty south
Synonyms A-town the A

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