Biz Markie

and shit

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an intensifier, added to the end of a statement
Collocates tote3, block3, front3, ayo3, weed2, ride2, Rari2, -ass2, Benz2, cat2, ends2, rap2, celly, chopper, clock, cluck-head, crunk, crunked up, D, dap, dap, diesel, dope, front on, gang, ghetto, grown, gun-clapping, H-town, H.N.I.C., hooptie, hype, John Blazed, jook, knucklehead, Kool-Aid, Lex, max, mean-mug, nickel bag, Nolia, ounce, out chea, ox, player-hate, props, push, rims, sag, sheisty, 64, sleep on, snaps, spit, static, straight, swang, swerve, thug, time, triple gold, trip, twisted, V-town, Vogue, wack, what it do, what's crackin', what's poppin', whip, wodie, word up, ya heard, yo, sneak dis, Ion, flip, weight, check, roughneck, tool, 9, K, pack, D's, clown, floss, rhyme, crazy, D, clucker, around the way, b-boy stance, ball, bank, bid, bitch, bitch, blood, bust, Caddy, Cadillac
Domains Everyday
Rhymes bullshit, get, whips

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