and shit

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a catch-all for anything additional
Collocates tote3, yo3, block3, ayo3, bitch2, Rari2, ride2, Benz2, ghetto2, weed2, -ass2, tryna2, static2, trip2, ends2, front2, clock, clown, cluck-head, clucker, crazy, crunk, crunked up, D's, D, dap, diesel, dope, floss, front on, gang, grown, gun-clapping, H.N.I.C., hooptie, hype, Ion, John Blazed, jook, K, knucklehead, Kool-Aid, Lex, max, mean-mug, nickel bag, Nolia, ounce, out chea, pack, player-hate, props, push, rhyme, rims, roughneck, sag, sheisty, 64, sleep on, snaps, sneak dis, spit, straight, thug, time, tool, triple gold, twisted, V-town, Vogue, what's crackin', what's poppin', wodie, word up, ya heard, finna, hater, hood, bug out, cat, rap, 9, b-boy stance, ball, bank, bid, bitch, blood, bust, Caddy, Cadillac, celly, check, chopper
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