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2001-06-12 AZ "I Don't Give A Fuck" [9 Lives]
So now I toast, to all my close niggas that's ghost
2006-11-07 AZ "Royal Salute" [The Format]
When we ghost, you could bet who be felt the most
2006-11-07 AZ "Make Me" feat. Fresh [The Format]
I'm too illy, worth more than half a billy
2005-09-06 AZ "AZ's Chillin" [A.W.O.L.]
When you real, then you real, no need to ice grill
1995-10-10 AZ "Mo Money, Mo Murder, Mo Homicide" feat. Nas [Doe Or Die]
Now my wolves is out to ghost ya
1998-04-07 AZ "The Pay Back" [Pieces of A Man]
Got the word where your bird live, out in L.I
2005-09-06 AZ "So Sincere" [A.W.O.L.]
Any hate can haunt you, I'm straight from the L.I. gates of Yonkers
1994-04-19 Nas "Life's A Bitch" feat. AZ [Illmatic]
Pack a 4-matic that crack your whole cabbage
2004-05-25 Cormega "Redemption" feat. AZ [Legal Hustle]
Pure white perico I cooked over a greasy stove
2010-02-09 DJ Kay Slay "See The Light" feat. AZ, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon [More Than Just A DJ]
Straight out the bushes, yo, from Lefrak to Bushwick
2014-12-09 Ghostface Killah "Double Cross" feat. AZ [36 Seasons]
I go walk around my hood, nigga know my steez
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