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2000-03-28 Common "The Questions" feat. Mos Def [Like Water For Chocolate]
How come this joint named 'The Questions' is so John Blazin'?
2005-05-24 Common "Chi-City" feat. Kanye West [Be]
And ya say chi-city
2007-07-31 Common "Start The Show" feat. Kanye West [Finding Forever]
And you say chi-city, let's go Chicago
1997-09-30 Common "Real Nigga Quotes" [One Day It'll All Make Sense]
Must want to give me skull, asking me to take my hat off
2005-05-24 Common "The Corner" feat. Kanye West, The Last Poets [Be]
G's with 3 stripes
2005-05-24 Common "Faithful" feat. Bilal, John Legend [Be]
Would I treat her the same? Would I still be runnin' game on her?
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2012-12-11 The Game "Jesus Piece" feat. Common, Kanye West [Jesus Piece]
Chick on my side tryna get my Trues loose
1996-11-05 The Roots "U.N.I.Verse At War" feat. Common [Illadelph Halflife]
For peace we skate, crackers we roll or player-hate
2012-12-11 The Game "Jesus Piece" feat. Common, Kanye West [Jesus Piece]
Never spit a verse, cause I was makin trap music, nigga
2001-10-09 Shaquille O'Neal "In The Sun" feat. Black Thought, Common, Joi [Presents His Superfriends Vol. 1]
I'm from the New Jeruz, Brick City, and that's my sunshine
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1994-10-25 Common "Orange Pineapple Juice" [Resurrection]
Common! That's my muhfucka
1997-05-27 Chubb Rock "Beef" feat. Das EFX, PMD [The Mind]
Now, my man Common on wax slayin Ice Cube
2000-06-06 Armand Van Helden "Full Moon" feat. Common [Killing Puritans]
2004-10-05 De La Soul "Days of Our Lives" feat. Common [The Grind Date]

origin: Chicago, Illinois, USA