The Coup
The Coup

cited at 75 senses as a primary artist, including:

2012-10-30 The Coup "Your Parents' Cocaine" feat. Anti-Flag [Sorry To Bother You]
Narcos kicked my windows out
2006-04-25 The Coup "Shoyoass" [Pick A Bigger Weapon]
Hustlin and hyphy are eloping
1993-05-04 The Coup "Foul Play" [Kill My Landlord]
Whether you can slide, you can glide in your hoo-ride
1998-11-10 The Coup "The Shipment" [Steal This Album]
It ain't indonesia, china white, purple-haired thai, big H delight
1993-05-04 The Coup "The Coup" [Kill My Landlord]
DJ O on the cut, y'all
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origin: Oakland, California, USA