Dru Down
Dru Down

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1994-09-06 Dru Down "Hoo Ride" feat. Luniz [Explicit Game]
We walkin, smokin fatties
1994-09-06 Dru Down "Ice Cream Man" [Explicit Game]
It's so hard to say good-bye to the ice cream man
1994-09-06 Dru Down "Hoo Ride" feat. Luniz [Explicit Game]
Leavin bustas for dead, cause of that hoo ride
1996-08-20 Dru Down "Can You Feel Me?" [Can You Feel Me]
In tha five and do a hoo ride
2001-08-28 Dru Down "Make U Wanna" [Pimpin’ Phernelia]
Sometime I drink some Belve, bust some rhymes
1996-08-20 Dru Down "Freaks Come Out" feat. Luniz [Can You Feel Me]
Skeez's skirts the town so tight, all the freaks come out tonight
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1995-07-03 Luniz "Put The Lead On Ya" feat. Dru Down [Operation Stackola]
Niggaz mean muggin me but what that do
2004-11-23 Mac Dre "Fast Money" feat. Dru Down, Dutchess, Keak Da Sneak, Kokane, Warren G [The Appearances]
I'm hungry for the cabbage, a savage who need the bank
2006-08-01 Fed-X "Murder" feat. Dru Down, Yukmouth [Drug War]
See me deep in Atlanta wid a sleazy bammer
1995-07-03 Luniz "Pimps, Playas & Hustlas" feat. Dru Down, Richie Rich [Operation Stackola]
It's 3500 for the straight laced triple gold wit the Vogues
2004-06-08 Spice 1 "Pimp Pizzle" feat. Dru Down [The Ridah]
No simpin, I been doin this for a minute
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origin: Oakland, California, USA