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2006-05-16 E.S.G. "Purped Out" feat. Dujan [Screwed Up Movement]
Ain't talking bout reggie miller, ain't talking bout that Bobby Brown
2000-04-25 E.S.G. "Boss Hawggin'" feat. D-Gotti [City Under Siege]
Don't need a TEC to chin check, cause this the shop that wreck
2004-09-14 E.S.G. "Comin' Down" feat. Fat Pat [All American Gangsta]
Come down in H-town, I'll show you how to ride slab
1999-03-09 E.S.G. "Responsibility" [Shinin & Grindin]
Crackers wanna knock me, so do the shife
2000-04-25 E.S.G. "Billion Dollar Deal" feat. Jainea [City Under Siege]
Gotta drop it like it's hot, then wreck shop in the house
2000-01-04 H.A.W.K. "I Can Make You Dance" feat. C-Note, DJ Screw, E.S.G., Lil' Keke [Under Hawk's Wings]
South-side crunk, pop your trunk, and make it dance
2000-07-18 Big Moe "Maan!!" feat. Big Pokey, E.S.G. [City of Syrup]
Pushin' a Benz or lex-land painted tan
1999-09-07 Lil' O "Friends Turn Foes" feat. Al-D, Enjoli, E.S.G. [Blood Money]
Loc'd up and po'd up, while your gal on dick
1998-12-22 Southside Playaz "Get Ya Issue" feat. C-Loc, E.S.G., T-Pop [You Gottus Fuxxed Up]
Tre-deuce in the house
1999 D-Gotti "Nu World Order" feat. Dirty $, D-Reck, E.S.G. [The Dirty 3rd Soundtrack]
Shop to wreck, we do chin checks
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1999-03-09 E.S.G. "Boys N Da South" feat. H.A.W.K. [Shinin & Grindin]
E.S.G. puts it down for H-town, what's up
1999 D-Gotti "Mash For Cash" feat. Double D, E.S.G. [The Dirty 3rd Soundtrack]
We tote guns, E.S.G. got plenty
2000-04-25 E.S.G. "Grippin' Grain" feat. Deshawn Hill, Slim Thug [City Under Siege]
Tell them playa-haters, E.S.G., I don't bar
2000-04-25 E.S.G. "Superstar" feat. Devin The Dude, Double D [City Under Siege]
Yo, E, mayn, that show was crunk, mayn
2001-11-06 E.S.G. & Slim Thug "Murder Weapon" [Boss Hogg Outlaws]
E.S.G., what's up, Bun B, you from the land of the trill
2001-11-06 E.S.G. & Slim Thug "Work That Thing" [Boss Hogg Outlaws]
E.S.G. be shining, top on recline, G-riding with a dime piece
2001-11-06 E.S.G. & Slim Thug "Ride With You" feat. Daz, Mike Wilson [Boss Hogg Outlaws]
2001-11-06 E.S.G. & Slim Thug "Watch Out" feat. H.A.W.K. [Boss Hogg Outlaws]
Ask your baby-mama bout Slim and E
2004-01-06 Big Pokey "Making Mail" feat. E.S.G., Mussilini [A Bad Azz Mix Tape III]
E.S.G. a G that's known for making mail
2006 Chamillionaire "Bonus Track" [Mix Tape Messiah 2]
Shout out to the O.G.s that paved the way before me, Scarface, E.S.G., J. Prince, Bun-B, oh I could go on forever, Bushwick, Pimp C

origin: Houston, Texas, USA