( Erick SermonPMD )

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1988-06-07 EPMD "I'm Housin'" [Strictly Business]
Yo, P, you was packin?
1988-06-07 EPMD "Strictly Business" [Strictly Business]
No time to lounge, I'm packin and strappin
1988-06-07 EPMD "You Gots To Chill" [Strictly Business]
When it's time to roll, uzi patrol was packin
1989-04-01 EPMD "The Big Payback" [Unfinished Business]
Never step to a show without packin
1997-09-16 EPMD "K.I.M." feat. Keith Murray, Redman [Back In Business]
Blow Camp Lo luchinis, I transform like spawn, takes no time
1989-04-01 EPMD "Get The Bozack" [Unfinished Business]
You get the bozack
1989-04-01 EPMD "Jane II" [Unfinished Business]
Then she freaked it and grabbed the bozack
1989-04-01 EPMD "Strictly Snappin' Necks" [Unfinished Business]
Brothers yellin "hoe", girlies on the bozack
1989-04-01 EPMD "You Had Too Much To Drink" [Unfinished Business]
If you don't believe you can get the bozack! See-ya! 5000!
1990-12-15 EPMD "For My People" [Business As Usual]
In the front of my waist, right next to my bozack
1990-12-15 EPMD "Rampage" feat. LL Cool J [Business As Usual]
Now sit back and ride my bozack
1990-12-15 EPMD "Brothers On My Jock" feat. Redman [Business As Usual]
Gangsta rap, it's daddy mack wit a bozack
1992-07-28 EPMD "Scratch Bring It Back (Part 2 - Mic Doc)" [Business Never Personal]
Damn, it's been 5 years, kid, you're still on my bozack
1997-09-16 EPMD "Richter Scale" [Back In Business]
Wreckin heads daily, so chill and get the bozack
2008-12-09 EPMD "Left 4 Dead" feat. Skyzoo [We Mean Business]
Cats on the bozack, they ain't poppin
1992-07-28 EPMD "Brothers From Brentwood L.I." [Crossover]
Now, it's time for me, the E, to rock it loco
1989-04-01 EPMD "Strictly Snappin' Necks" [Unfinished Business]
E Double swingin high, scratch, I'm swingin low
1990-12-15 EPMD "Brothers On My Jock" feat. Redman [Business As Usual]
Swing low and lick up balls
1991 Roger Troutman "(Everybody) Get Up (EPMD Diesel Remix)" feat. EPMD [(Everybody) Get Up]
Others stay out and chat, but yo, I'm Swayze
1998-12-15 DJ Clue "It's My Thang '99" feat. EPMD, Keith Murray, Redman [The Professional]
I just lost my a-alike, and I'm takin it hard
1998-08-11 Funkmaster Flex "EPMD Freestyle" feat. EPMD [The Mix Tape, Vol. III]
Nahmean? I'm out for the dough, no less

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1988-06-07 EPMD "Strictly Business" [Strictly Business]
Yo, word, EPMD is in full effect
1992-07-28 EPMD "Chill" [Business Never Personal]
EPMD in effect, I'm clockin mad green
1999-07-20 EPMD "Rap Is Still Outta Control" feat. Busta Rhymes [Out of Business]
Don't front for me or the E, cause you know our steez