Famous Dex
Famous Dex

cited at 9 senses as a primary artist, including:

2016-01-02 Famous Dex "Back Now" feat. Famous Irv [Drippy]
I keep some blue hundreds, that blue cheese
2016-01-05 Famous Dex "Turning Up" [Dexter's Laboratory]
Chasing money like a rat, I need some bleu cheese
2018-04-06 Famous Dex "CHUMP" [Dex Meets Dexter]
Blue cheese, yeah, I want more
2016-06-12 Famous Dex "I'm Crazy" feat. Lil Yachty, Rich The Kid [Heartbreak Kid]
Look at your diamonds, fugazi
2016-09-20 Famous Dex "Living My Life (Lemonade)" [Dexter the Robot]
I had to go get me some top
2018-04-06 Famous Dex "JAPAN" [Dex Meets Dexter]
I just popped a xan, fifty thousand in Japan
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2016-07-04 Rich The Kid "2 Times" feat. Famous Dex, Wiz Khalifa [Rich Forever II]
Real deal diamonds, no fugazi
2016-07-04 Rich The Kid "That Way" feat. Famous Dex, Lil Yachty [Rich Forever II]
Your diamonds fugazi, that's no way
2016-04-19 Rich The Kid "Real Deal" feat. Famous Dex, Migos [Trap Talk]
We done run up through the whole clique

origin: Chicago, Illinois, USA