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1994-02-01 Fugees "Living Like There Ain't No Tomorrow" [Blunted On Reality]
I be the lion that guards the trife
1994-02-01 Fugees "Blunted On Reality (Blunted Interlude)" [Blunted On Reality]
Yo, this is for dolo, son
1994-02-01 Fugees "Boof Baf" feat. Mad Spider [Blunted On Reality]
I'm from the island, the island I'm from is the Strong Island
1996-02-13 Fugees "Zealots" [The Score]
I'm bout to set this off! Like this, hip-hoppers, check it
1996-02-13 Fugees "The Score" feat. Diamond D [The Score]
Blaow, blaow, put the heater to your head
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1996-09-17 Bounty Killer "Hip-Hopera" feat. Fugees [My Xperience]
Here to Puerto Rico, smoke my Magnifico, but I never do perico