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2003-11-14 G-Unit "Stunt 101" [Beg For Mercy]
Show these fougaisies how it's supposed to go
2008-06-30 G-Unit "Party Ain't Over" feat. Young Buck [T.O.S.: Terminate On Sight]
Listenin to Trina while she run game on Lil' Wayne
2008-06-30 G-Unit "Kitty Kat" [T.O.S.: Terminate On Sight]
I make that hard white flip, nigga
2008-06-30 G-Unit "You So Tough" [Terminate On Sight]
You know I got that hard white, you know I got that tan 'n brown
2003-11-14 G-Unit "Stunt 101" [Beg For Mercy]
My wrists stay rocked up
2003-11-14 G-Unit "Eye For Eye" [Beg For Mercy]
There's somethin bout the sound of a trey-pound
2003-11-14 G-Unit "Lay You Down" [Beg For Mercy]
Stay with a vest on, roll wit a couple tre-pounds
2008-06-30 G-Unit "You So Tough" [Terminate On Sight]
The tre pound pop, your arteries shot
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2003-02-11 DJ Envy "What Goes Around" feat. G-Unit [The Desert Storm Mixtape: Blok Party, Vol. 1]
I've been waiting all day on them shelltops that got Jam Master Jay on 'em
2003-09-23 Obie Trice "We All Die One Day" feat. Eminem, G-Unit [Cheers]
Nobody told you that I'm loco, ese?
2003-10-13 50 Cent "P.I.M.P. (G-Unit Remix)" feat. G-Unit, Snoop Dogg [P.I.M.P. (Remix)]
We drive old school, white walls with mink floors
2002-08-01 50 Cent "Elementary" feat. G-Unit, Scarlett [No Mercy, No Fear]
Go 'head and stunt, see I don't pop two in your wig
2002-06-01 50 Cent "Bad News" feat. G-Unit [50 Cent Is The Future]
That's why my best friend the tray pound, a ice pick, and a switch blade
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2004-08-24 Young Buck "Welcome To The South" feat. David Banner, Lil' Flip [Straight Outta Ca$hville]
It's Clover G and G-Unit, Young Buck, shut 'em down
2004-08-24 Young Buck "Prices On My Head" feat. D-Tay, Lloyd Banks [Straight Outta Ca$hville]
G-Unit, that's what it is, that's what it's gon' be
2005-09-13 50 Cent "Ski Mask Way" [The Massacre]
My black G-unit hoodie just reek with marijuana
2007-03-27 Young Buck "Say It To My Face" feat. 8 Ball & MJG, Bun B [Buck The World]
I'm so clean with my G-Unit kicks on