Geto Boys
Geto Boys

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1988-02-17 Geto Boys "Geto Boys Will Rock You" [Making Trouble]
Motivated by the boys from 5th Ward, Texas
1988-02-17 Geto Boys "I Run This" [Making Trouble]
See, we're known from 5th Ward in this world today
1988-02-17 Geto Boys "One Time Freestyle" [Making Trouble]
1988-02-17 Geto Boys "Assassins" [Making Trouble]
As I walked through 5th Ward, I saw this man
1988-02-17 Geto Boys "Snitches" [Making Trouble]
See, we're known for 5th Ward, and we take no jive
1988 Geto Boys "Be Down" [Be Down]
Jersey boys are jealous cause we're down with 5th Ward
1989-03-12 Geto Boys "Trigga Happy Nigga" [Grip It! On That Other Level]
Today's special is ghetto dope, processed in 5th Ward, Texas
1991-07-01 Geto Boys "We Can't Be Stopped" [We Can't Be Stopped]
Around the globe to 5th Ward
1991-07-01 Geto Boys "Ain't With Being Broke" [We Can't Be Stopped]
Brought to 5th Ward, stuffed right in the middle
1991-07-01 Geto Boys "Another Nigger In The Morgue" [We Can't Be Stopped]
Pissed off cause I'm down with the 5th ward posse
1992-11-03 Geto Boys "Action Speaks Louder Than Words" feat. Ganksta N-I-P, Seagram [Uncut Dope]
It's time to mix 5th Ward, South Park and 69th curbs
1993-03-19 Geto Boys "Bring It On" feat. 2Low, 5th Ward Boys, Big Mello, DMG, Ganksta N-I-P, Lord 2-3, Odd Squad, Seagram, Too Much Trouble [Till Death Do Us Part]
The 5th Ward boys on the motherfucking set
1996-04-02 Geto Boys "Geto Boys & Girls" [Resurrection]
5th Ward is the spot where niggas get shot
1998-11-17 Geto Boys "Dawn 2 Dusk" feat. Caine, DMG, Yukmouth [Da Good da Bad & da Ugly]
Ride for us, 5th Ward die for us
2005-01-25 Geto Boys "Yes Yes Y'all" [The Foundation]
5th Ward my second home, now I'm back to strike
2005-01-25 Geto Boys "We Boogie" [The Foundation]
5th Ward, bloody nickel got me hittin it, what
2005-01-25 Geto Boys "We Boogie" [The Foundation]
5th Ward, bloody nickel got me hittin it, what
2005-01-25 Geto Boys "When It Gets Gangsta" feat. Z-Ro [The Foundation]
Come to the bloody nickel, tryin to stunt
1990-10-17 Geto Boys "Fuck 'Em" [The Geto Boys]
You can't front their clout, H-town was no town
1993-03-19 Geto Boys "Crooked Officer" [Till Death Do Us Part]
Coppers wanna gaffle me
1988 Geto Boys "The Problem" [Making Trouble]
Yo, Bushwick, you know what I'm saying?
1989-03-12 Geto Boys "Do It Like A G.O." [Grip It! On That Other Level]
Bushwick, tell these motherfuckers what's up
1991-07-01 Geto Boys "Chuckie" [We Can't Be Stopped]
The other half is Bushwick, a short nigga, always pumpin' some lead
1993-03-19 Geto Boys "Six Feet Deep" [Till Death Do Us Part]
Bushwick can't sleep
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1992-11-24 Kool G Rap & DJ Polo "Two To The Head" feat. Geto Boys, Ice Cube [Live & Let Die]
Audi 5000, don't wait for the feds to show
1989-12-21 Willie D "Do It Like A G.O." feat. Geto Boys [Controversy]
After this one, I guess I'll have to pack a gun
2006-03-07 Scarface "My Life" feat. Geto Boys [My Homies Part 2]
I'm still the smallest cat with the biggest rep in H-town
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1988-02-17 Geto Boys "Making Trouble" [Making Trouble]
The Geto Boys are trouble makers, cold common thugs
1989-03-12 Geto Boys "Scarface" [Grip It! On That Other Level]
If you ain't down with the Geto program, then fuck you, mayne
2008-07-15 Geto Boys "Intro" [Best of The Geto Boys]
This H-town finest, the G.B., the generals

origin: Houston, Texas, USA