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1987-11-04 Ice-T "Pain" [Rhyme Pays]
Girlies on my jammie, got a female overload
1987-11-04 Ice-T "409" [Rhyme Pays]
An' if the freaks get illy, I smack the...
1999-09-12 Ice-T "Don't Hate The Playa" [The Seventh Deadly Sin]
Sometimes I get illy, cock back the 9-milli
1991-05-14 Ice-T "Midnight" [O.G. Original Gangster]
Dumped the G.T.A., made it back to the hood
1996-06-04 Ice-T "Where The Shit Goes Down" [Ice T VI: Return Of The Real]
Got a GTA connection and I fence for jewels
1996-06-04 Ice-T "Groups of Ghetto Bastards" feat. L.P. [Return Of The Real]
I got an army full of niggaz high off chronic and yac
2006-10-31 Ice-T "Pray" feat. Coco [Gangsta Rap]
They're high off the yac, and they're dusted too
1998-04-07 2 Live Crew "The Real One" feat. Ice-T [The Real One]
Hundred-G lex on your wrist
1992 Ice Cube "Trespass" feat. Ice-T [Trespass Soundtrack]
Tryin to get over on the black, but the motherfuckin' MAC will put a fuckin' slug in his back
2008-11-24 E-40 "Earl" feat. Ice-T [The Ball Street Journal]
Think about the consequences, nigga, I got gouda
2001-09-25 Guru "Underground Connections" feat. Ice-T, Suspectz [Baldhead Slick & Da Click]
Spittin' thirty-thirty, pushin J30's, you niggaz ain't worthy
1997-09-16 Brotha Lynch Hung "Secondz A Way" feat. First Degree, Ice-T [Loaded]
I don't wear no Chuck Taylors and don't sag my pants
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1987-11-04 Ice-T "Rhyme Pays" [Rhyme Pays]
Ice got beef, and this ain't Wendy's
1991-05-14 Ice-T "Mic Contract" [O.G. Original Gangster]
Five o, Ice, yo, fuck a damn cop!