The Jaz
The Jaz

cited at 16 senses as a primary artist, including:

1989 The Jaz "Pumpin" [Word To The Jaz]
Like a tre-pound-seven to the temple
2002 The Jaz "It's Ova" [Ova]
Ayo, I heard he got juxed again
1989 The Jaz "Fun" feat. Jay-Z [Word To The Jaz]
Stop firin', stash the iron, and groove
1989 The Jaz "Shana" [Word To The Jaz]
Please pass the digits, tomorrow I'll be callin'
1990-07-03 The Jaz "The Originators" feat. Jay-Z [To Your Soul]
It's my rhyme, I siggeda-said so, and I'm J-A-Y Z, y'all know me
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