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1995-02-07 Juvenile "U Can't See Me" [Being Myself]
I'm in the Nolia lookin' for the poppers
1997-05-13 Juvenile "Spittin' Game" feat. Bullet Proof, Hot Boy$ [Solja Rags]
Shoot-out in that 'Nolia
1997-05-13 Juvenile "3rd Ward Solja" feat. Magnolia Shorty, Mannie Fresh [Solja Rags]
I told ya, them boys don't want beef with that Nolia
1998-11-09 Juvenile "Ha (Hot Boy Remix)" feat. Hot Boy$ [400 Degreez]
They from the Nolia, I'm from the Grove, ha
1998-11-09 Juvenile "Welcome 2 The Nolia" feat. Turk [400 Degreez]
At night in tha Nolia, niggaz be in tha hallways
1998-11-09 Juvenile "Run For It" feat. Lil Wayne [400 Degreez]
I know some niggaz out tha Nolia that'll ride fo' me
1998-11-09 Juvenile "400 Degreez" [400 Degreez]
Ain't no bit this year, I'm from the 'Nolia, bro
1998-11-09 Juvenile "Ha" [400 Degreez]
You came in the Nolia on new years eve, ha
1999-12-07 Juvenile "Tha Man" feat. Turk [Tha G-Code]
I'm a head-buster, a straight up Nolia nigga
1999-12-07 Juvenile "U Understand" [Tha G-Code]
I wanna go and chill in the 'Nolia
2001-08-21 Juvenile "In The Nolia" [Project English]
I hit my first bitch in the Nolia
2001-08-21 Juvenile "Outro - Let's Go" feat. Baby, Big G, Lac, Mike, Sickwitit, Steppa [Project English]
I'm from tha Nolia, where foot soldiers ride Benz and shit
2003-12-23 Juvenile "Slow Motion" feat. Soulja Slim [Juve The Great]
Can a playa from the 'Nolia get a chance with it
2003-12-23 Juvenile "Down South Posted" feat. Skip, Wacko [Juve The Great]
When we was wilding in the Nolia, they was calling us babies
2006-03-07 Juvenile "Sets Go Up" feat. Wacko [Reality Check]
Yeah, you know I'm from the 'Nolia, but you do not know me
2009-12-01 Juvenile "Top of The Line" [Cocky & Confident]
I'm a Nolia boy, you seen the fuckin' tattoo
2006-03-07 Juvenile "Break A Brick Down" [Reality Check]
Ride behind the wheel of the 300 and put the dub deuces in the grill
1995-02-07 Juvenile "Pass Azz Nigga" [Being Myself]
You got the slugs in your mouth, swear to god, you a pimp
1998-11-09 Juvenile "Flossin Season" feat. B.G., Big Tymers [400 Degreez]
Gold slugs, stuntin' cause we got love
1997-05-13 Juvenile "Spittin' Game" feat. Bullet Proof, Hot Boy$ [Solja Rags]
Got back up, from the Mac Melph Calio
1997-05-13 Juvenile "Pimpinabitch" [Solja Rags]
The Mac Melph Calio walker, the shot-caller, the big-baller
1998-11-09 Juvenile "Rich Niggaz" feat. Lil Wayne, Papa Reu, Turk [400 Degreez]
Benz or in the lex bubble
1998-11-09 Juvenile "Run For It" feat. Lil Wayne [400 Degreez]
I be back in 2 Hummers and 5 lex-bubbles
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1999-11-02 Lil Wayne "Tha Block Is Hot" feat. B.G., Juvenile [Tha Block Is Hot]
Hood full of real niggaz, twenty-four seven hustlers
1999-05-18 Beelow "Big Body (Remix)" feat. Juvenile, Thug Addict [Ballin' 4 Billions]
We flossed out with the ice in the ES-3
1999-05-18 Beelow "Bitch Made Niggaz" feat. Da Ganksta, Juvenile, Thug Addict, Young Bleed [Ballin' 4 Billions]
From Jersey, Cali, and the UPT
2000-12-05 DJ Skribble "187" feat. B.G., Juvenile [DJ Skribble's Traffic Jams 2000]
1999-05-18 Beelow "Big Body" feat. Juvenile [Ballin' 4 Billions]
Like a fresh '99 on some Lorenzo's
1996-02-26 B.G. "Retaliation" feat. Bun B, Juvenile, Ms. Tee [Chopper City]
Got swole and been home, and now you back out chea
1999-05-18 Beelow "Big Body (Remix)" feat. Juvenile, Thug Addict [Ballin' 4 Billions]
I got everybody out'chea wanna ride with me
2005-04-26 Z-Ro "The Mule" feat. Devin The Dude, Juvenile [Let The Truth Be Told]
She was out chea this lil nigga got her here
2005-10-04 Twista "Out Here" feat. Juvenile, Speedknot Mobstas [The Day After]
I'm out'chea, poppin' Mo's and smokin' dro
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1999-04-27 Drag-On "Down Bottom" feat. Juvenile [Ruff Ryders: Ryde Or Die Volume One]
Drag-On, Juvenile, Double R, what you want, huh?
1999-09-21 Jim Crow "Flaw Boyz" feat. Juvenile [Crow's Nest]
1999-12-07 Juvenile "U Understand" [Tha G-Code]
I don't need ya playa hatin' on Juvey

origin: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA