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1995-10-10 KRS-One "Out For Fame" [KRS-One]
I got 25 cans in my knapsack, crossin out the wick-wack
1993-09-03 KRS-One "Mortal Thought (I Must Roc The Mic)" [Return of The Boom Bap]
I come to the club with that booyaka
1997-05-20 KRS-One "Heartbeat" feat. Angie Martinez, Redman [I Got Next]
All over the hood like them Crooked I coolers
2004-07-13 KRS-One "Still Spittin'" feat. Akbar, An Ion, Illin' P, L Da Headtoucha, Supastition [Keep Right]
I'ma hafta learn ya, bwoy
2002-01-22 KRS-One "Know Thy Self" [Spiritual Minded]
To all my true hip-hoppers, that pay bills and live proper
2003-04-22 KRS-One "Gunnen' Em Down" [Kristyles]
Me, I'm a free MC, hip-hopper
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2005-04-26 Lyrics Born "Pack Up (Remix)" feat. Evidence, KRS-One [Same [email protected]#$ Different Day]
It ain't a good look, dog, your hype-man's your manager
1993-11-16 Queen Latifah "Superstar" feat. Heavy D, KRS-One, Treach [Black Reign]
1987 Just-Ice "Going Way Back" feat. KRS-One [Kool & Deadly (Justicizms)]
It's true, I'm from the old school
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1987-03-03 Boogie Down Productions "Word From Our Sponsor" [Criminal Minded]
My name is KRS-One, son
1987 Just-Ice "Moshitup" feat. KRS-One [Kool & Deadly (Justicizms)]
1987 Just-Ice "Moshitup" feat. KRS-One [Kool & Deadly (Justicizms)]
Seckle! KRS One is here without a doubt
1993-09-03 KRS-One "Boom Bap" [Return of The Boom Bap]
You know KRS will give you real hip hop
1995-10-10 KRS-One "Represent The Real Hip Hop" feat. Das EFX [KRS-One]
Diggity Das, KRS, east coast on lock
2003-11-25 KRS-One "A Freestyle Song" feat. Common [D.I.G.I.T.A.L.]
KRS-One comin down from heaven, from Hot 97
2007-08-28 Icewater "Hip-Hop Tribute" feat. Raekwon, Rhyme Recka [Polluted Water]
2009-10-20 Royce Da 5'9 "Soldier" feat. Iyana Dean, Kid Vishis [Street Hop]
The barrel on the shotty wide as KRS's nose
2011-11-29 Saigon "Down the Road" [The Bonus Story]
KRS already taught us 'bout them black feds
2019-01-04 O.C. "Stop the Breaks" feat. B-I-G, Killa Sin, KRS-One, Raekwon, Ron G [The O-Zone Files: Rare Demos and Unreleased Tracks]
Now this'll take a second, Kris has come to bug out