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2010-04-20 Kurupt "In Gotti We Trust" [Streetlights]
I'm chromed up and ready, I'm bullet proof and heavy artillery
2001-07-30 Kurupt "Bring Back That G Shit" feat. Goldie Loc, Snoop Dogg [Space Boogie: Smoke Oddessey]
2001-07-30 Kurupt "Bitches" feat. Butch Cassidy, Roscoe [Space Boogie: Smoke Oddessey]
I'm live in the club, nickel sacks and dubs
2001-07-30 Kurupt "Can't Go Wrong" feat. Butch Cassidy, DJ Quik [Space Boogie: Space Oddessey]
You fool in high school, I just tuck my roscoe
2004-09-07 Kurupt "Bullshit & Nonsense" feat. Eastwood, Spider [Against Tha Grain]
In and out of Wasco for packin a rosco
1998-09-01 Kurupt "Can't Let That Slide" feat. Roscoe [Kuruption!]
Instead we be dumpin' on cowards and bonin' out with the cash
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2006-08-29 Too $hort "Sadity" feat. Daz, Kurupt [Blow The Whistle]
Stop actin high sadity, bitch, chill, be cool
2000-07-18 Canibus "Horsementality" feat. Killah Priest, Kurupt, Ras Kass [2000 B.C.]
Kiddo, I be doin my thug thizzo for shizzo
1999-07-13 Gang Starr "You Know My Steez (3 Men & A Lady Remix)" feat. Kurupt, The Lady of Rage [Full Clip]
Illy syndrome, clouds'll form, which starts the wind storm
1999-02-23 Yukmouth "My Buddy" feat. Daz, Kurupt, Numskull [Thugged Out: The Albulation]
Thugged up, suited in steet clothes
2000-10-16 Scarface "O.G. To Me" feat. Daz, Jayo Felony, Kurupt [The Last of A Dying Breed]
Step cuz, cause bustaz get rolled like dice
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1997-10-07 2Pac "Made Niggaz" feat. Outlawz [Gang Related Soundtrack]
Kurupt, Young Gotti, hahaha, westside made niggaz, beotch!
1998-11-03 Yukmouth "Still Ballin" [Thugged Out: The Albulation]
Diggity Daz and Kurupt say "Pac, we still ballin'!"
1998-12-15 DJ Clue "Fuck A Bitch" feat. Kurupt, Snoop Dogg [The Professional]
1999-11-16 Kurupt "I Call Shots" feat. Roscoe, Snoop Dogg [Tha Streetz Iz A Mutha]
Me and Kurupt share two gats and one vest, nigga
2006-11-14 The Game "Bang" feat. Daz, Kurupt [Doctor's Advocate]
Me and Kurupt three-wheelin' on the hundred spokes
2007-03-27 Redman "Dis Iz Brick City" feat. Ready Roc [Red Gone Wild]
I keep a roscoe like Kurupt, brother
2008-03-07 Snoop Dogg "Press Play" feat. Kurupt [Ego Trippin]
Kurupt, Young Gotti is definitely in this beotch