Latoiya Williams
Latoiya Williams
2001-07-17 Bad Azz "How We Get Down" feat. Doggy's Angels, Latoiya Williams [Personal Business]
I can't quit, I'm off the hizzle wit this kinda shit
2011-03-29 Snoop Dogg "This Weed Iz Mine" feat. Latoiya Williams, Wiz Khalifa [Doggumentary]
I'm loc'ed up with two braids in my hair
2002-11-12 Jay-Z "All Around The World" feat. Latoiya Williams [The Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse]
Now I bounce 64's up and down Crenshaw
2006-11-21 Snoop Dogg "Like This" feat. Latoiya Williams, Raul Midón, Western Union [Tha Blue Carpet Treatment]
We just chillin like a villain, got my hands to the ceilin
2003 Roscoe "It's That Time Again" feat. Latoiya Williams [Philaphornia]
O-dizzle with the bomb dizzle, let my nizzle bizzle twist it
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origin: Los Angeles, California, USA