Lil Durk
Lil Durk

cited at 53 senses as a primary artist, including:

2016-01-08 Lil Durk "Nobody" [300 Days, 300 Nights]
I'm ridin through Lamron wit all of my woes!
2015-06-02 Lil Durk "500 Homicides" [Remember My Name]
Got niggas sneak dissin', it ain't rap
2015-06-02 Lil Durk "Amber Alert" [Remember My Name]
What they sneak dissing 'bout?
2017-10-19 Lil Durk "Make It Out" [Signed to the Streets 2.5]
Sliding in them DMs, tryna slide up on the oppas, yeah
2012-04-03 Lil Durk "Intro" [I'm Still a Hitta]
Chiraq, Drillinois, OTF we them boys
2012-04-03 Lil Durk "Learned That" [I'm Still a Hitta]
I say, "Call of Duty", black lives, Chiraq, we whack opps
2014-07-07 Lil Durk "Rumors" [Signed to the Streets 2]
Hard as Chiraq, you ain’t coming here
2014-07-07 Lil Durk "Don't Know Me" [Signed to the Streets 2]
Chiraq, where the guns like Iraq
2014-07-07 Lil Durk "I Go" feat. Johnny May Cash [Signed to the Streets 2]
Chiraq, them my niggas
2014-07-07 Lil Durk "Fly High" feat. French Montana [Signed to the Streets 2]
Chiraq, Southside with Durk
2018-03-30 Lil Durk "Just Flow" [Just Cause Y'all Waited]
Chiraq gotta ride with gats
2019-08-02 Lil Durk "Die Slow" feat. 21 Savage [Love Songs 4 the Streets 2]
I put pistols all in Chiraq, nigga, without me, ain't no poles
2020-05-08 Lil Durk "Chiraq Demons" feat. G Herbo [Just Cause Y'all Waited 2]
Chiraq demons, you can't save us
2016-06-24 Lil Durk "She Just Wanna" feat. Ty Dolla $ign [Lil Durk 2x]
You reside here, thottie
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2019-05-02 PnB Rock "Deez Streetz" feat. Lil Durk [TrapStar Turnt PopStar]
No sneak diss, say it to your face
2012-05-25 King Louie "Thotty Things" feat. Leek, Lil Durk [March Madness]
She know she a thotty, she gon' do the thangs
2012-09-04 Soulja Boy "Eater" feat. Lil Durk [Juice II]
Flash got me geeked up?
2016-02-05 Young Thug "My Boys" feat. Lil Durk, Ralo, Trouble [I'm Up]
Smash Brothers said we bool
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2014-07-07 Lil Durk "Fly High" feat. French Montana [Signed to the Streets 2]
Chiraq, Southside with Durk
2016-11-25 Lil Durk "Back 2 Back" feat. Hypno Carlito [They Forgot]
Me and Durk in Cali, coppin' cars back to back

origin: Chicago, Illinois, USA