Lil' Flip
Lil' Flip

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2000-10-19 Lil' Flip "Da Freestyle King" [The Leprechaun]
I'm from the Clover, I'm a solja, I write rhymes in my folder
2003 Lil' Flip "Game Over" feat. Bun B, Young Buck [Game Over]
Clover G's in the building, game over, fo' sho, fo' sho, fo' sho
2003 Lil' Flip "Get Crunk (Remix)" [7-1-3 & The Undaground Legend - Remixed]
Screwed-up soldiers, I represent the Clover
2004-02-10 Lil' Flip "Like A Pimp (G Mix)" feat. Will-Lean [Lil' Flip Presents Clover G's]
I rather be in the Clover tryna count cash
2004-02-10 Lil' Flip "Hey Ho" feat. C-Note, Will-Lean [Lil' Flip Presents Clover G's]
I'm a Clover G, and I walkin' in dough
2004-02-10 Lil' Flip "Out There Grindin' (Remix)" feat. Play, Skillz [Lil' Flip Presents Clover G's]
We from the Clover, nigga, we gon' make it through the drought
2004-02-10 Lil' Flip "I Don't Do Much" feat. C-BO, Will-Lean [Lil' Flip Presents Clover G's]
West coast Clover G's, what's happenin', nigga
2004-03-30 Lil' Flip "Where I'm From" feat. Grafh, Gravy, Will-Lean [U Gotta Feel Me]
Fuckin with the Clover, nigga, have you under attack
2004-03-30 Lil' Flip "Rags 2 Riches" feat. Will-Lean [U Gotta Feel Me]
We're Clover G's, pull up, we got the baddest bitches
2006 Lil' Flip "The Take Over" [Lil' Flip Vs. E.S.G.]
I'm the god of freestyle, bitch, I'm from the Clover
2007-03-27 Lil' Flip "Give Me A Beat" [I Need Mine]
I was raised in the Clover, I roll with Note and the Chemist
2007-03-27 Lil' Flip "Warrior" [I Need Mine]
Me and the other Clover G's blow doja
2009-05-26 Lil' Flip "We Blow Endo" [I-45]
I'm rollin' Lac, I'm from the Clover, I'm a soldier
2004-03-30 Lil' Flip "Y'all Don't Want It" feat. Jim Jones [U Gotta Feel Me]
The boys controllin' my section, cause we gettin' that cream. Squalie!
2002-08-27 Lil' Flip "7-1-3" [Undaground Legend]
Because we represent the 7-1-3!
2003 Lil' Flip "7-1-3 (Remix)" [7-1-3 & The Undaground Legend - Remixed]
We repping this motherfucking 7-1-3
2007-03-27 Lil' Flip "Fly Boy" [I Need Mine]
All I need is v12, nigga, I can cook coke
2003-05-27 Lil' Flip "Rollin' On 20's" [2 Fast 2 Furious Soundtrack]
We can start in the Bentley, doin a buck fifty
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2005-04-26 Z-Ro "From The South" feat. Lil' Flip, Paul Wall [Let The Truth Be Told]
Blucka-blucka-bblucka that's how my gun go
2005-10-18 Bun B "Draped Up (Remix)" feat. Aztek, Chamillionaire, Lil' Flip, Lil' Keke, Mike Jones, Paul Wall, Slim Thug, Z-Ro [Trill]
Southwest and bloody nickels rollin 83's
2002-04-23 Big Moe "It's About To Go Down" feat. D-Gotti, Lil' Flip, Mr. 3-2, Noke D, Toon [Purple World]
Ice cubes in my watch, and the piece is just froze
1999-09-07 Lil' O "Thug Niggaz" feat. Big Pokey, Lil' Flip [Blood Money]
See I had that all my money and power, rolling over half steppers
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2000-10-19 Lil' Flip "On Point" feat. Lil' James [The Leprechaun]
2004-11-16 Chingy "Balla Baby Remix" feat. Boozie, Lil' Flip [Powerballin]
I'm Lil' Flip reppin' H-town 'til I'm gone
2005-03-01 Pimp C "Comin' Up" feat. Lil' Flip, Z-Ro [The Sweet James Jones Stories]
Lil' Flipper tote pistols for them none believers
2008-03-04 Lil' Flip & Young Noble "Speakin My Language" [All Eyez On Us]
It's Flip Gates, fuck boy, you gon' pay me

origin: Houston, Texas, USA