LL Cool J
LL Cool J

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2000-09-12 LL Cool J "Intro" [G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time)]
I got to represent, Q-boro, the thorough
2008-09-09 LL Cool J "We Rollin'" [Exit 13]
1997-10-14 LL Cool J "Another Dollar" [Phenomenon]
From New York to Richmond, my shine is sickenin, ice drips, frost bits
2006-04-11 LL Cool J "It's Ll & Santana" feat. Juelz Santana [Todd Smith]
Of course you see the frost, got diamonds on my neck
2008-09-09 LL Cool J "Get Over Here" feat. It's Ya Girl Nicolette, Jiz, Lyrikal, Ticky Diamondz [Exit 13]
Talk about that major flavor, keyed up, cut like a razor
1987-07-22 LL Cool J ".357 - Break It On Down" [Bigger & Deffer]
Illy ill fire-starter hittin harder than King Kong
2002-10-15 LL Cool J "After School" feat. P. Diddy [10]
Body so illy she make a grown man silly
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1999-09-28 Method Man & Redman "Four Seasons" feat. Ja Rule, LL Cool J [Blackout!]
I'm a dolo nigga, you a Polo nigga
1993-05-27 Keith Sweat "Why Me Baby, Part II" feat. LL Cool J [Why Me Baby, Part II]
Couldn't believe my girl was down with O.P.P.
1990-12-15 EPMD "Rampage" feat. LL Cool J [Business As Usual]
You and your squad better praise the real god
1990-12-15 EPMD "Rampage" feat. LL Cool J [Business As Usual]
Cause I clock pesos, don't sell llello
1990-12-15 EPMD "Rampage" feat. LL Cool J [Business As Usual]
Now sit back and ride my bozack
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1987-03-03 Boogie Down Productions "South Bronx" [Criminal Minded]
Instead of tryna take out LL, you need to take your homeboys off the crack
1987-07-22 LL Cool J "Ahh, Let's Get Ill" [Bigger & Deffer]
Clockin crazy dollars on the LL tip
1989-06-09 LL Cool J "Jingling Baby" [Walking With A Panther]
I'm Cool J, yo, you don't understand, son
1994-04-26 Anotha Level "Fo Sho Shot" [On Anotha Level]
I'm not LL, but I can roll a cool j
1995-11-20 LL Cool J "God Bless" [Mr. Smith]
Off some LL shit, chickens get hysterical
2002-10-22 Field Mob "All I Know" feat. Cee-Lo, T.I. [From Tha Roota To Tha Toota]
I like LL, but God da G.O.A.T.
2008-09-09 LL Cool J "Ur Only A Customer" [Exit 13]
Ask around, god, they tell you L goin hard