Master P
Master P

cited at 276 senses as a primary artist, including:

1997-09-02 Master P "Tryin To Do Something" feat. Fiend, Mac [Ghetto D]
I'm a G from the CP3
1999-10-26 Master P "Nobody Moves" feat. Magic, Silkk the Shocker [Only God Can Judge Me]
I represent that CP3
1999-10-26 Master P "Say Brah" feat. Mac [Only God Can Judge Me]
Say, brah, I'm out that CP3
2000-11-28 Master P "I Don't Give Ah What" [Ghetto Postage]
Screaming CP3, thats the way I ride
2000-11-28 Master P "Souljas" [Ghetto Postage]
I'm out that CP3, and I'm a soulja for life
2000-11-28 Master P "Doo Rags" feat. Slay Sean [Ghetto Postage]
I'm that nigga out the CP3
2000-11-28 Master P "Golds In They Mouth" feat. C-Murder [Ghetto Postage]
From the streets, the CP3, my dog, they'll pull your card
2005-06-21 Master P "I Ain't Play'n" [Ghetto Bill]
See, the rap game is dirty like the CP3
2004-03-23 Master P "That Ain't Nothing" feat. Curren$y, Romeo, Silkk the Shocker [Good Side, Bad Side]
All my rides, they be chromed up
1994-08-09 Master P "Tryin' To Make A Dollar Out of 15 Cents" feat. RBL Posse [West Coast Bad Boyz I: Anotha Level of The Game]
I'm the ice cream man droppin' off hella loads
1995-02-07 Master P "Dead Presidents" [99 Ways To Die]
Y'all know the ice cream man is Audi 5,000
1996-04-16 Master P "Mr. Ice Cream Man" [Ice Cream Man]
Y'all fools betta recognize, I'm the real ice cream man
2004-03-23 Master P "It's A Drought" feat. Afficial [Good Side, Bad Side]
I got that A1, whole baking soda, boy
1994-08-09 Master P "Tryin' To Make A Dollar Out of 15 Cents" feat. RBL Posse [West Coast Bad Boyz I: Anotha Level of The Game]
This ice cream don't go for free; it's a ten, twenty, fifty, hundred dollar sack, or cone
1996-04-16 Master P "Mr. Ice Cream Man" [Ice Cream Man]
You scream, I scream, but the fiends screaming for ice cream
1996-04-16 Master P "Time For A 187" [Ice Cream Man]
Some nigga got some bad ice cream, came short on the dizzough
1996-04-16 Master P "Mr. Ice Cream Man" [Ice Cream Man]
You betta have my fetti if you don't have my ice cream
1997-09-02 Master P "Gangstas Need Love" feat. Mercedes, Silkk the Shocker [Ghetto D]
Sellin' ice cream on the corner
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2000-12-19 Snoop Dogg "Back Up Off Me" feat. Master P, Mr. Magic [Tha Last Meal]
Mackin', actin', rip-rackin', gun-clappin', and chip stackin'
1999-04-27 Naughty By Nature "Live Or Die" feat. Master P, Mystikal, Phiness, Silkk the Shocker [Nineteen Naughty Nine: Nature's Fury]
When we posse up, these niggaz gon' pay us
1997-11-11 Mystikal "Here We Go" feat. B-Legit, E-40, Master P [Unpredictable]
Finna get it crankin up in this biatch, what
1996-10-08 Kane & Abel "Gangstafied" feat. Master P, Mo B. Dick [The 7 Sins]
Shysty, like ganking the offering up out the church
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17 shout-outs in these lyrics

1991-09-13 Master P "Low Down & Dirty" feat. Chilee Powdah, King George [Get Away Clean]
Master P, my nigga, squeeze the trigger on the po po's
1991-09-13 Master P "Time 2 Chill" [Get Away Clean]
From Master P, he's straight mack from 1991
1994-03-18 Master P "Somethin For The Street" [The Ghettos Tryin to Kill Me!]
OG blood in my veins, but they don't know the P
1994-03-18 Master P "The Ghetto's Tryin To Kill Me" feat. Silkk the Shocker [The Ghettos Tryin to Kill Me!]
Po-po's on my trick, you know the P is going to smash out
1994-03-18 Master P "I Got That Dank" [The Ghettos Tryin to Kill Me!]
Master P danked out, Mr. Al Capone with the indonesia
1995-02-07 Master P "Hoe Games" feat. C-Murder, King George, Silkk the Shocker [99 Ways To Die]
Suckers tried to play the P like a fuckin clucker
1995-07-25 TRU "Fuck Them Hoes" feat. Master P, Mia X, Silkk the Shocker [True]
We gonna put it down, me and P, on you clown hoes
1996-04-16 Master P "Mr. Ice Cream Man" [Ice Cream Man]
Master P in the 500 SEL with a triple beam
1996-08-13 Tha Mexakinz "The Wake Up Show" feat. Chino XL, Xzibit [Tha Mexakinz]
Sittin' on chrome like Master P, jig 'em full for la raza
1997-06-24 Mia X "4Ever Tru" feat. TRU [Unlady Like]
1997-09-02 Master P "Make Em' Say Uhh!" feat. Fiend, Mia X, Mystikal, Silkk the Shocker [Ghetto D]
M.P. pullin stripes, commander-in-chief, and fools run up wrong, nigga, I'm knockin out some teeth
1998-03-17 Master P "You Know I'm A Hoe" feat. Ice Cube [The Player's Club Soundtrack]
Ayo, P, what's crackin', nigga?
1998 Mac "Beef" [Shell Shocked]
When you beefin with Master P, nigga, that's like beefin with me
1999-06-29 Mercedes "I Need A Thug" feat. Master P, O' Dell, Popeye [Rear End]
You know I'm thugged out, M-P
1999-10-26 Master P "Ice On My Wrist (Remix)" feat. Magic [Only God Can Judge Me]
Me and P blowin' trees and drinking Hennessy
2003-03-04 Choppa "Bonus Track #1" feat. Curren$y, Master P [Straight From The N.O.]
My money hella long, cause I just got a check from P
2007-11-20 The Demigodz "Laugh About It" [The Godz Must Be Crazier]
My digits have no limits like P

origin: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA