Memphis Bleek
Memphis Bleek

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2003-12-16 Memphis Bleek "Roc-A-Fella Get Low Respect It" [M.A.D.E.]
Why them niggaz wanna act all aggy
1999-08-03 Memphis Bleek "Now" feat. Da Ranjahz [Coming of Age]
Yo, never put the heat down, creep without a three pound
2000-12-05 Memphis Bleek "They Will Never Play Me" [The Understanding]
All about the drama, blowing scama
2003-12-16 Memphis Bleek "Hood Muzik" feat. M.O.P. [M.A.D.E.]
Gotta tote the snub, it's too warm for the long, nigga
2005-05-17 Memphis Bleek "Like That" [534]
You know I move wit the snub, cause I'm like that
2000-12-05 Memphis Bleek "In My Life" [The Understanding]
Touchin the eight, who would've thought I'd make it today
2000-12-05 Memphis Bleek "We Get Low" [The Understanding]
Then we fly out of the state, let shots out of the 8
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2004-03-30 DJ Kay Slay "Hands On The Pump" feat. Memphis Bleek, Sauce Money, The Game [The Streetsweeper Vol. 2: The Pain From The Game]
If I put the TEC up, I gotta tote the D.E.
1998-09-29 Jay-Z "Coming of Age (Da Sequel)" feat. Memphis Bleek [Vol. 2... Hard Knock Life]
Nigga, we lex movers, V-12 pushers
2001-06-26 Beanie Sigel "So What You Saying" feat. Memphis Bleek [The Reason]
Take a sip of the Cris, pour the Belvy with lime
1998-12-15 DJ Clue "M.A.R.C.Y." feat. Geda K, Memphis Bleek [The Professional]
Coppin out to a one to three, you bitch nigga!
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1999-08-03 Memphis Bleek "Murda 4 Life" feat. Ja Rule [Coming of Age]
Street shit, Memph Bleek shit, Ja Rule, ya heard, nigga
1999-08-03 Memphis Bleek "Memphis Bleek Is..." [Coming of Age]
Memph Bleek is money holda, shot caller, blunt smoka, hot roller
1999-08-03 Memphis Bleek "Who's Sleeping" [Coming of Age]
1999-08-03 Memphis Bleek "Regular Cat" [Coming of Age]
Now I'm on the low, cause you told 'em it was Memphis
1999-08-03 Memphis Bleek "Why You Wanna Hate For" feat. Noreaga [Coming of Age]
Have a crib in Iraq, for the Memph escape, where the D's won't find me
2000-12-05 Memphis Bleek "Hustlers" feat. Beanie Sigel [The Understanding]
Niggas wanna see the Memph go and lose his cool, go and use his tool