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2012-06-21 Migos "Dirty Dancing" [No Label]
No vegetarian, but I love my broccoli and that celery
2014-02-25 Migos "Birds" [No Label 2]
2014-04-20 Migos "Famous" feat. Rich The Kid [Streets On Lock 3]
The broccoli, veggies my pockets is heavy
2014-04-20 Migos "You a Foo" [Streets On Lock 3]
You know I got the broccoli
2014-11-05 Migos "Rich Nigga Timeline" [Rich Nigga Timeline]
Check out my bio, plenty felonies, known for countin' up broccoli
2014-11-05 Migos "Wishy Washy" [Rich Nigga Timeline]
This bitch is a vegetarian, all she want is broccoli
2014-02-25 Migos "No Label 2 Intro" feat. DJ Ray G [No Label 2]
50 pairs, Giuseppe steppers
2014-04-20 Migos "3 Mics" feat. DJ Ray G [Streets On Lock 3]
Gold on my Giuseppe steppers, red on the bottom on my Christian Louboutins
2014-04-20 Migos "Fucked Up the Kitchen" feat. PeeWee Longway [Streets On Lock 3]
Giuseppe stepper, high-top alligator
2013-08-03 Migos "Pour Out the Seal" [Streets On Lock]
I'm trapping out the bando, pull up at a leanhouse
2017-01-27 Migos "Culture" feat. DJ Khaled [Culture]
Perky got me feelin' nauseous
2017-01-27 Migos "Slippery" [Culture]
Uncle Bo, auntie Greta serve ya perkys
2017-01-27 Migos "Brown Paper Bag" [Culture]
I put your bitch on the xan, then put her on perkys
2017-01-27 Migos "Slippery" [Culture]
Perkys, mollies, xannies, rocks, OxyContin, takeoff, I'm your med doc
2017-01-27 Migos "Stir Fry" [Culture]
It must be the Patek, pockets blue cheese, I'm in the kitchen
2018-01-26 Migos "Auto Pilot (Huncho On the Beat)" [Culture II]
Two tone Patek, yeah, two tone baddies
2018-01-26 Migos "Emoji a Chain" [Culture II]
Put on the Patek, changing the weather
2018-01-26 Migos "Flooded" [Culture II]
We with the Patek, glacier, glacier, glacier, vanilla wafer, this not the fugazy
2018-01-26 Migos "Narcos" [Culture II]
Trippy, ooze, the Patek all wet
2018-01-26 Migos "Stir Fry" [Culture II]
I feel like niggas got static, it must be the Patek
2018-01-26 Migos "Beast" [Culture II]
When I see the Patek on her arm, got weak
2015-06-02 Lil Durk "My Money" feat. Migos [My Money]
Now I'm on, got the Bentley coupe, and it came equipped with the Forgis
2016-08-26 Young Thug "Guwop" feat. Migos, Young Scooter [No, My Name Is JEFFERY]
Feed 'em perkys, I'm the doctor
2017-06-16 2 Chainz "Blue Cheese" feat. Migos [Pretty Girls Like Trap Music]
Blue cheese, no ranch, all hunnids
2017-05-26 Lil Yachty "Peek A Boo" feat. Migos [Teenage Emotions]
Look at my Patek, I'm flexin', I'm petty
2014-12-25 Rich The Kid "Ain't Workin Dat Move" feat. Migos [Rich Than Famous]
Flooded that AP, Rari goin' crazy, traphouse jumping like KD
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2014-02-25 Migos "Migo Dreams" feat. Meek Mill [No Label 2]
Send the Migos to come back to the bando for translation

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