Mr. Mike
Mr. Mike
member of: South Circle

cited at 10 senses as a primary artist, including:

1996-07-30 Mr. Mike "Da Boogie Man" [Wicked Wayz]
Boo-ya! Ya dig? Hang you from a bridge
1996-07-30 Mr. Mike "Here's Your Ticket" [Wicked Wayz]
Boo-ya! Chronic orbitin' me like the comet
1999-09-07 Mr. Mike "Why Fall In Love With The Struggle" feat. Mack 10 [Rhapsody]
Hoes creepin' four deep in a black Benzo
1996-07-30 Mr. Mike "South-West" feat. E-A-Ski [Wicked Wayz]
Numerous ways I stay paid like kingpins
1998-11-03 Mr. Mike "I Ain't Tha One" [Straight Outta Compton: N.W.A 10th Anniversary Tribute]
Girl, I can't be played or ganked
1996-07-30 Mr. Mike "Da Boogie Man" [Wicked Wayz]
We raise hell from ATL to Chi-town to South Bronx
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1996-11-05 Tela "Strange" feat. Crime Boss, Mr. Mike [Piece of Mind]
Mr. gun-clapper blast, who got murder for that killer slash

origin: Houston, Texas, USA