New Boyz
New Boyz

cited at 13 senses as a primary artist, including:

2011-05-17 New Boyz "Let U Leave" [Too Cool To Care]
Legacy, come over, your girlfriend cockblockin
2009-09-15 New Boyz "Cricketz" feat. Tyga [Skinny Jeanz & A Mic]
Tight jeans, naw, nigga, I don't get hyphy
2009-09-15 New Boyz "You're A Jerk" [Skinny Jeanz & A Mic]
All this jerkin kinda got me feelin geeked up
2009-09-15 New Boyz "Turnt" [Skinny Jeanz & A Mic]
I'm so turnt up I'm talking backwards like Yoda
2011-05-17 New Boyz "Start Me Up" feat. Bei Maejor [Too Cool To Care]
Hella boppers on my gold, and some bottles in they hand
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origin: Hesperia, California, USA