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2006-06-20 Papoose "I'm Like That (Remix)" feat. 2 Chainz, Jadakiss, Styles P [I'm Like That (Remix)]
We all high, S.O.S., swag on site
2013-03-26 Papoose "Mother Ghetto" [The Nacirema Dream]
My borough led the thoroughbreds, Brooknam
2013-03-26 Papoose "Alphabetical Slaughter Part II (A to Z)" [The Nacirema Dream]
Carefully creatin, Brooknam big bill breakin
2013-03-26 Papoose "Mother Ghetto" [The Nacirema Dream]
Bushwick got beat cops they actin like they own the streets
2013-03-26 Papoose "Mother Ghetto" [The Nacirema Dream]
Them Brownsville dudes carry gas in they draws
2019-02-15 Papoose "Underrated" [Underrated]
Have 'em jump up out of them Jettas and wet 'em with the gauge
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2009-05-19 Red Cafe "Hottest In The Hood (Remix Part Three)" feat. Diddy, Juganot, Kardinal Offishall, Papoose, Ross Fortune, Uncle Murda [Hottest In The Hood (Remix Part Three)]
That'll ghost you and your clique like Patrick and Demi
2010-02-09 DJ Kay Slay "Gangsta Shit" feat. Oj Da Juiceman, Papoose, Yo Gotti [More Than Just A DJ]
That A to the K will slay one of you bitch niggas
2005-11-22 Talib Kweli "The Beast" feat. Papoose [Right About Now: The Official Sucka Free Mix CD]
If you not droppin' knowledge about us, it's 'cause you ignant
2006-11-21 2Pac "Dumpin'" feat. Hussein Fatal, Papoose [Pac's Life]
Niggaz is player-haters, label them my enemies, I'm dumpin'
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2008-06-23 Danny! "Intro" [And I Love H.E.R.: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]
Check the lyrics I drop like Papoose from Jive