Pastor Troy
Pastor Troy

cited at 57 senses as a primary artist, including:

2001-05-22 Pastor Troy "I'm Made" [Face Off]
Y'all don't wanna get this thing crunked up
2002 Pastor Troy "I'm Cold" [Hell 2 Pay]
I tell 'em I'm a boss, and then they check the frost
2005-03-01 Pastor Troy "WWW? (Who Wants War)" [Face Off Part II]
Lick the barrel of my motherfuckin' Desert E's
2002-09-24 Pastor Troy "4 My Hustlaz" [Universal Soldier]
Niggaz they call trap stars
2000-09-12 Pastor Troy "Champion!" [I Am D.S.G.B.]
Down south affiliated with that Georgia pine
2002-09-24 Pastor Troy "You Can't Pimp Me" [Universal Soldier]
I'm bustin strawberry Phillies while I break down my pine
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2000-10-10 E-40 "Doin' The Fool" feat. Pastor Troy, Pimp C, Too $hort [Loyalty & Betrayal]
Be extra mannish, get some skull
2000-07-25 MGD "Everlasting Yay" feat. Lil' Pete, Pastor Troy [Everlasting Yay]
Servin' hustlas to servin' j's, nickels, and dimes
2001-10-09 T.I. "I'm Serious Remix" feat. Pastor Troy, YoungBloodZ [I'm Serious]
We finna break the standards, rubber bands instead of platinum
2005-11-22 Chamillionaire "Southern Takeover" feat. Killer Mike, Pastor Troy [The Sound of Revenge]
I ain't joking bout my coke and package from Shaolin
2000-07-25 MGD "Everlasting Yay" feat. Lil' Pete, Pastor Troy [Everlasting Yay]
Y'all serving skimpy sacks to make the re-up change
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3 shout-outs in these lyrics

2002-09-24 Pastor Troy "If They Kill Me" [Universal Soldier]
2005-03-01 Pastor Troy "Where Them Niggaz At?" [Face Off Part II]
PT, baby, y'all know what time it is
2005-04-19 Mike Jones "Cuttin' (Remix)" [Who Is Mike Jones?]
Like Pastor Troy I'm ridin big to the club, blowin skunk

origin: Atlanta, Georgia, USA