5 shout-outs in these lyrics

1986-12-08 Salt-n-Pepa "The Showstopper" [Hot, Cool & Vicious]
Yo, bust it, Sandy D
1986-12-08 Salt-n-Pepa "My Mic Sounds Nice" [Hot, Cool & Vicious]
The Pepa MC is like hot ice
1988-08-02 Salt-n-Pepa "Hyped On The Mic" [A Salt With A Deadly Pepa]
I'm Pepa, much deffer when I'm crazy hyped on the mic
1988-08-02 Salt-n-Pepa "Let The Rhythm Run (Remix)" [A Salt With A Deadly Pepa]
My partner's name is Pep, she's not a half-stepper
1993-10-12 Salt-n-Pepa "Somebody's Gettin On My Nerves" [Very Necessary]
You hear talk about Pep around the way gettin' skeezed