Queen Latifah
Queen Latifah

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1989-11-07 Queen Latifah "Queen of Royal Badness" [All Hail The Queen]
If you don't dance, grab a chair and plex, B
1993-11-16 Queen Latifah "Superstar" feat. Heavy D, KRS-One, Treach [Black Reign]
1995-03-28 Queen Latifah "Jersey" [New Jersey Drive Soundtrack]
Hostan, when I'm all swoll, Ill-town, when I all swoll
1993-11-16 Queen Latifah "Just Another Day" [Black Reign]
I pull the TEC close, my finger's on the trigger, don't wanna get wet, so they step
1989-11-07 Queen Latifah "Come Into My House" [All Hail The Queen]
Throw away the white line
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2002 The Unit "100% Hater Proof" feat. Queen Latifah [100% Hater Proof]
When I street sweep, the heat swing rapidly
1990 45 King "Flavor Unit Assassination Squad" feat. Apache, Double J, Lakim Shabazz, Lord Alibaski, Queen Latifah [The 45 King Presents The Flavor Unit]
The King will let off his beat that's so chill
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1989-11-07 Queen Latifah "Ladies First" feat. Monie Love [All Hail The Queen]
Ayo, let me take it from here, Queen
1991-09-03 Queen Latifah "Nuff' of The Ruff' Stuff'" [Nature of A Sista]
Latifah's booty, yo, she could never succeed

origin: Newark, New Jersey, USA