member of: Wu-Tang Clan

cited at 208 senses as a primary artist, including:

2009-09-08 Raekwon "Broken Safety" feat. Jadakiss, Styles P [Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... Pt. II]
We onion head niggas, the gun gooners
1999-11-16 Raekwon "Real Life" [Immobilarity]
Suggest I rock a utility vest when I'm bonin' out
2006 Raekwon "Kids That's Rich" [The Vatican Mixtape Vol. 1]
Have to bone out, halfway home, it's on now
1995-08-01 Raekwon "Knuckleheadz" feat. Ghostface Killah, U-God [Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...]
Rap niggaz on dust and wools
2011-09-13 Raekwon "Samurydas" feat. Kojoe, Kurupt [Terminal 3 Presents The Academy]
Back for vengeance, glocked up, drinkin, Ciroc'd up
2003-12-16 Raekwon "Missing Watch" feat. Ghostface Killah, Polite [The Lex Diamond Story]
Blew an ounce of weed in the bitch face, she pulled out two White Owls
2013-01-15 Raekwon "Lead Season" [Lost Jewlry]
Take me over there, get me three White Owls, nigga
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1998-07-14 Fat Joe "John Blaze" feat. Big Punisher, Jadakiss, Nas, Raekwon [Don Cartagena]
Fuck around with the Don and get John Blazed
1998-07-14 Fat Joe "John Blaze" feat. Big Punisher, Jadakiss, Nas, Raekwon [Don Cartagena]
Start the wind up, we John Blazin, Don up in the line up
1998-09-29 OutKast "Skew It on the Bar-B" feat. Raekwon [Aquemini]
I bust raps like D-boys bust gats, shit
2006-08-22 DJ Kay Slay & Greg Street "5 Deadly Venoms" feat. Big Daddy Kane, Ghostface Killah, Kool G Rap, Lord Tariq, Raekwon [The Champions (The North Meets The South)]
Smoke wools, rob, and tote tools
2000-02-08 Ghostface Killah "Apollo Kids" feat. Raekwon [Supreme Clientele]
Two culture-ciphers, one bag of wet
2009-04-07 Jadakiss "Cartel Gathering" feat. Ghostface Killah, Raekwon [The Last Kiss]
Movin powder, piff, and a lot of wet
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2001-04-03 Big Pun "Firewater" feat. Raekwon, Terror Squad [Endangered Species]
Big shout to my man, Raekwon, word is bond
2002-12-16 Nas "Last Real Nigga Alive" [God's Son]
Rae told me out in Shaolin BIG would do the same thing