member of: Def Squad

cited at 193 senses as a primary artist, including:

1998-11-24 Redman "Well All Rite Cha" feat. Method Man [Doc's Da Name 2000]
Got these slim pickins on my Charles Dickens, I pack a MAC
1994-11-22 Redman "Rockafella" [Dare Iz A Darkside]
Brick City brigade in the house for '94, word is bond, word is day
1996-12-10 Redman "Pick It Up" [Muddy Waters]
Fuck what ya heard, Brick City runs shit
1996-12-10 Redman "It's Like That (My Big Brother)" feat. K-Solo [Muddy Waters]
Call me tha Brick City stock cock broker
1996-12-10 Redman "Rock Da Spot" [Muddy Waters]
Comin to you live from WFDS Radio from da Brick City
1998-11-24 Redman "I'll Be Dat" [Doc's Da Name 2000]
My slang be high range Brick City
1998-11-24 Redman "Jersey Yo!" [Doc's Da Name 2000]
Brick City got the pep, empty out your Black 'n' Milds
1998-11-24 Redman "Let Da Monkey Out" [Doc's Da Name 2000]
Brick City comin through
1998-11-24 Redman "Close Ya Doorz" feat. Diezzel Don, Gov Mattic, Roz, Tame One, Young Z [Doc's Da Name 2000]
Comin straight from da Brick City
1998-11-24 Redman "Beet Drop" [Doc's Da Name 2000]
Brick City, nigga!
1998-11-24 Redman "Boodah Break" [Doc's Da Name 2000]
Brick City, are ya ready, ready
1998-11-24 Redman "Brick City Mashin'!" [Doc's Da Name 2000]
Turn it up! C'mon! Brick city mashin'!
1998-11-24 Redman "Da Goodness" feat. Busta Rhymes [Doc's Da Name 2000]
Brick City be the pros at wildin out
2000-03-21 Redman "No Chance (Vince McMahon Theme)" feat. Rock [WWF Aggression]
I'm a Brick City native, spit nice like Jada
2001-05-22 Redman "Diggy Doc" [Malpractice]
Doc stompin ground, Brick City hound what?
2001-05-22 Redman "WKYA (Drop)" [Malpractice]
Comin at you live on WKYA radio from the Brick City
2001-05-22 Redman "J.U.M.P." feat. George Clinton [Malpractice]
Sup, Brick City? T.C., what it be like?
2001-05-22 Redman "Let's Get Dirty" feat. DJ Kool [Malpractice]
Cut the light on, you see it's Brick City in here
2001-05-22 Redman "Smash Sumthin'" feat. Adam F [Malpractice]
Now I'm back, Brick City, I've been born again
2001-05-22 Redman "Bricks Two" feat. D-Don, Double O, Roz, Shooga Bear [Malpractice]
I'm Brick City, baby, 24-7
2001-12-11 Redman "We Don't Know How To Act" [How High Soundtrack]
2002-03-19 Redman "Gorillaz On My Mind" feat. Gorillaz [Blade 2 Soundtrack]
Brick City gorillaz goin, N.Y. gorillaz goin
2006-07-11 Redman "Let's Go" [Let's Go]
I'm from Brick City, be on the lookout
2007-03-27 Redman "How U Like Dat" feat. Gov Mattic [Red Gone Wild]
We cold chillin in the Brick City
2007-03-27 Redman "Freestyle Freestyle" [Red Gone Wild]
Brick City niggas, yeah, yeah, a rider
2007-03-27 Redman "Gilla House Check" [Red Gone Wild]
Gilla house, check, Brick City, check
2007-03-27 Redman "Hold Dis Blaow!" [Red Gone Wild]
These Brick City dudes get that money
2007-03-27 Redman "Sumtn' 4 Urrbody" [Red Gone Wild]
Brick City keep it wrapped like a Christmas gift
2007-03-27 Redman "Blow Treez" feat. Method Man, Ready Roc [Red Gone Wild]
Brick City, that's right! Hood down, hands up!
2007-03-27 Redman "Dis Iz Brick City" feat. Ready Roc [Red Gone Wild]
Give me some of that shit straight out of the Brick City!
2007-03-27 Redman "Fire" feat. E3 [Red Gone Wild]
Brick City on my back, Doc Grizzly on the track
2007-03-27 Redman "Gimmie One" [Red Gone Wild]
Brick City, boy, my flow is on fire
2010-12-07 Redman "Tiger Style Crane" [Reggie]
It's Brick City, right beside New York
2007-03-27 Redman "Gilla House Check" [Red Gone Wild]
I guzzle crunk juice to the neck
2001-05-22 Redman "Wrong 4 Dat" feat. Keith Murray [Malpractice]
You get mashed out, cause your bird is peckin
1996-12-10 Redman "Rollin'" [Muddy Waters]
My crew chin check your profile
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1997-09-16 EPMD "K.I.M." feat. Keith Murray, Redman [Back In Business]
Blow Camp Lo luchinis, I transform like spawn, takes no time
1997-02-11 Funkmaster Flex "Keith Murray & Redman - Freestyle" feat. Keith Murray, Redman [The Mix Tape Volume 1: 60 Minutes of Funk]
2000-11-13 Offspring "Original Prankster" feat. Redman [Conspiracy of One]
Bangin little hoochie mamas, no way
1997-05-20 KRS-One "Heartbeat" feat. Angie Martinez, Redman [I Got Next]
All over the hood like them Crooked I coolers
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1992-09-22 Redman "Redman Meets Reggie Noble" [Whut? Thee Album]
1999-01-12 Keith Murray "Some Shit" feat. Canibus, Deja Vu [It's A Beautiful Thing]
Hoppin out the Lex Land wit Redman, wildin' and cursin
2003-08-26 The Last Emperor "Secret Wars Part One" [Music, Magic, Myth]
Reggie Noble dropped him with two Brick City punches
2009-09-15 M.O.P. "Riding Through" feat. Redman [Foundation]
Redman got the sour diesel, haze, and blunts
2015-03-03 DJ EFN "Paradise" feat. Redman, Talib Kweli, Wrekonize [Another Time]

origin: Newark, New Jersey, USA