Richie Rich
Richie Rich

cited at 20 senses as a primary artist, including:

1996-11-05 Richie Rich "Let's Ride" [Seasoned Veteran]
Puttin' the twomp on somethin' thick
1996-11-05 Richie Rich "Questions" feat. The Luniz [Seasoned Veteran]
If I don't got five on the eighth, would you fake or smoke it
1996-11-05 Richie Rich "Let's Ride" [Seasoned Veteran]
It's evidential, the presidential slap on the wrist
2000-09-12 Richie Rich "Birds" [The Game]
Had a presidential way 'fore I had a deal
1990 Richie Rich "Don't Do It" [Don't Do It]
The Oaktown is always poppin
1996-11-05 Richie Rich "It's On" feat. E-40 [Seasoned Veteran]
100% I represent the east side of the Oaktown
1996-06-04 Richie Rich "Pillow" feat. Dewayne Wiggins, Rame Royal [The Nutty Professor Soundtrack]
Fulfillin wishes, I'm fillin Phillies, Vegas, and Swishas
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1994 F Mob "I Keeps A Kit" feat. Richie Rich [Once In A Blue Moon]
Spendin twomp for twomp and hittin lick for lick
2005-03-15 Baby Bash "Better Than I Can Tell Ya" feat. A-Wax, Richie Rich, Russell Lee [Super Saucy]
Cop, then blow a zip with Bash
1996-02-13 2Pac "Ain't Hard 2 Find" feat. B-Legit, C-BO, E-40, Richie Rich [All Eyez On Me]
See me and hope I'm intoxicated or slightly faded
1994 F Mob "I Keeps A Kit" feat. Richie Rich [Once In A Blue Moon]
This is my thang, it ain't O.P.P.
1995-07-03 Luniz "Pimps, Playas & Hustlas" feat. Dru Down, Richie Rich [Operation Stackola]
It's 3500 for the straight laced triple gold wit the Vogues
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1990 415 "Lavish" [41Fivin]
I'm with the 415, my name is young Richie Rich

origin: Oakland, California, USA