Schoolboy Q
Schoolboy Q

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2012-01-14 Schoolboy Q "Hands On The Wheel" feat. A$AP Rocky [Habits & Contradictions]
I keep the illest, trillest bitches while I'm swaggin it
2012-01-14 Schoolboy Q "Raymond 1969" [Habits & Contradictions]
Gave him a sherm stick and watched him while he hit it
2011-01-26 Schoolboy Q "6 Foot 7" feat. Kendrick Lamar [6 Foot 7]
You live in a district of dimebags and dummys, I know your statistics
2012-01-14 Schoolboy Q "There He Go" [Habits & Contradictions]
Got my daughter swaggin like her motherfuckin daddy though!
2012-01-14 Schoolboy Q "My Hatin' Joint" [Habits & Contradictions]
I just swag so fuckin hard, she bringing up her nigga
2012-01-14 Schoolboy Q "2 Raw" feat. Jay Rock [Habits & Contradictions]
With my dogs and locsters, and we all got stock like brokers
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2011-12-05 A$AP Rocky "Brand New Guy" feat. Schoolboy Q [Brand New Guy]
All my cuz niggaz, what's crackin? All my Blood niggas, what's poppin'?
2011-12-05 A$AP Rocky "Brand New Guy" feat. Schoolboy Q [Brand New Guy]
Microwave oven while you out there cuffin
2012-07-06 50 Cent "Can I Speak To You" feat. Schoolboy Q [5 (Murder By Numbers)]
On top of the underground, still gritty, still run the city
2012-10-09 Macklemore & Ryan Lewis "White Walls" feat. Hollis, Schoolboy Q [The Heist]
30k on the Caddy, now how backpack rap is that?
2011-07-26 Jay Rock "Say Wassup" feat. Ab-Soul, Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q [Follow Me Home]
Caked up, they wonder why I don't need a baker
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2014-02-25 Schoolboy Q "Fuck LA" [Oxymoron]
Groovy Q, murk the judges crew, fuck the jury too