Schoolly D
Schoolly D

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1986 Schoolly D "Saturday Night" [Schoolly D]
Smokin a j and scratchin' the itch
1986 Schoolly D "PSK 'What Does It Mean?'" [Schoolly D]
Towin on a j, sippin on some brew
1991-10-14 Schoolly D "Just Another Killer" [How A Black Man Feels]
Smoked a lotta j's, drunk a lotta Millers
1994-02-01 Schoolly D "I Wanna Get Dusted" [Welcome To America]
Chewin on a j, what the fuck can ya do?
1994-02-01 Schoolly D "Motherfuckin D" [Welcome To America]
Pass me the j, and I roll me a buddha
1991-10-14 Schoolly D "King of New York" [How A Black Man Feels]
Grab the uzi, the eight and the nine
1991-10-14 Schoolly D "Run" [How A Black Man Feels]
It's like chillin, cold lampin on death row
1986 Schoolly D "I Don't Like Rock & Roll" [Schoolly D]
Yo, yo, man, whassup, man?
1991-10-14 Schoolly D "Sometimes It's Got To Be That Way" [How A Black Man Feels]
Sit back and take a little swigger of Miller, smoke a little killer
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1995-10-31 Underground Sound Unit "Hit The Jackpot" [The Next Chapter: Strictly Underground]
Like my man Schoolly carrying a toolie

origin: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA