Screwed Up Click
Screwed Up Click

cited at 105 senses as a primary artist, including:

2005-03-22 Screwed Up Click "Pop Your Trunk" feat. Big Pokey, Drastic, H.A.W.K., Lil' Keke [Making History]
We represent for 2-8-1, cause my niggaz, that's what it do
2005 Screwed Up Click "Holla At Son" feat. Big Pokey, H.A.W.K., Mike D [Straight Wreckin: The S.U.C. Mixtape Vol. 1]
Passing by haters in my brand new Crentley
2005 Screwed Up Click "Gangsta Walk Wit Me" feat. Mike D, Trae [Straight Wreckin: The S.U.C. Mixtape Vol. 1]
Still got a sack of that A-1, good yella
2005-03-22 Screwed Up Click "Screwed Up Click" feat. Big Pokey, Lil' Keke, Mike D [Making History]
The best kept secret out the 7-1-3
2014-03-25 Screwed Up Click "Crank It Up" [The Take Over]
7-1-3, every hood get your sets up
2005 Screwed Up Click "I Can Feel It" feat. H.A.W.K. [Straight Wreckin: The S.U.C. Mixtape Vol. 2]
I don't bar, my click don't either
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2003 T-Pop "R.I.P. To Screw" feat. Screwed Up Click [Wise Guy]
It's official, until I meet again with my nizzles
2000-08-01 Southside Playaz "Hell Razor" feat. DJ Screw, Screwed Up Click [Street Game]
Crystal flake cakes by the boat loads, all I cop from the 'lumbos
1999-10-05 DJ Screw "Mind On My Money" feat. Screwed Up Click [Realest Niggaz Down South]
Ya never know what homo wanna break ya off on the low low
2003 T-Pop "R.I.P. To Screw" feat. Screwed Up Click [Wise Guy]
I'll be in the Benz rolling kin, that's for shizzle
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11 shout-outs in these lyrics

1998-12-22 Southside Playaz "Joy Ride" feat. C-Note [You Gottus Fuxxed Up]
Screwed Up Click set trends, we joy-ride on the 3rd coast
2000-08-15 C-Note "Luv It Main" feat. E.S.G., H.A.W.K. [Third Coast Born 2000]
3rd coast we in the do', baby, Screwed Up Click fa sho
2000-10-10 Z-Ro "3rd Coast" feat. Den Den, Grace [Z-Ro Vs. The World]
I'mma be T from the S.U.C., pay dues, got stripes, that be ranks
2001-02-27 H.A.W.K. "Diggin' Da South" feat. Z-Ro [HAWK]
Them boys from the S.U.C. bout to turn it out
2001-09-11 Mr. 3-2 "Mafia Convention" [The Governor]
Listen to me, the S.U.C., we clicked up
2003-11-25 Lil' Keke "When We Ride" feat. Z-Ro [Changin' Lanes]
S.U.C. smoking on cabbage from dusk till dawn
2003 H.A.W.K. "Home of S.U.C" feat. Big Moe [A Bad Azz Mix Tape II]
It's the southside of H town, home of S.U.C
2006-02-28 Trae "Oh (Slow Loud & Bangin)" feat. Boss, Grace, Kendro, Paul Wall, Shyna [Later Dayz]
Turn it up, let it bang, as I grip on grain, S.U.C., we off the chain
2008-03-04 Lil' Flip & Young Noble "I'm A G" [All Eyez On Us]
That Cloverland, that Botany Boyz, that Screwed-Up Click, that Clover shit
2014-03-25 Screwed Up Click "Right Here" [The Take Over]
When the Click click up, can't nobody save ya

origin: Houston, Texas, USA