South Park Mexican
South Park Mexican

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1998-03-03 South Park Mexican "Block of Rock (For Years)" feat. Eddie, Jose, Low-G [Hustle Town]
Welcome everybody to Hustle Town
1999-11-23 South Park Mexican "Hillwood Hustlaz" feat. Grimm, Rasheed [3rd Wish: To Rock The World]
Soy el mojado de ciudad Hustle Town
2000-12-12 South Park Mexican "You Know My Name (Alternate Version)" [Time Is Money]
Born and raised in Houston a.k.a. Hustle Town
2001-12-04 South Park Mexican "One of Those Nights" feat. Ayana, Uchie [Never Change]
2006-10-03 South Park Mexican "Dope House Family" feat. Baby Bash, Juan Gotti [When Devils Strike]
Remember me in the Hustle town
2000-08-15 South Park Mexican "Child of The Ghetto" [The Purity Album]
Know how to slang me an elbow
2001-12-04 South Park Mexican "Hubba Hubba" feat. Baby Beesh, Rasheed [Never Change]
With 700 elbows in the barn
2002-05-05 South Park Mexican "Get Yo Guns" feat. Big Flake [Reveille Park]
Niggas, I was selling kilos and elbows
2001-12-04 South Park Mexican "One of Those Nights" feat. Ayana, Uchie [Never Change]
Boy that got more snow flake than Tony the Tiger
1998-12-22 South Park Mexican "El Jugador" feat. Kid Frost, Low-G [Power Moves: The Table]
What's up with my bitch snow white
1999-11-23 South Park Mexican "Wiggy" feat. Baby Beesh [3rd Wish: To Rock The World]
Do you flip snow white quick, fast, in a jiffy
2000-08-15 South Park Mexican "Dope Game" [The Purity Album]
Leave your boys with no brains, whoridas
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2000-03-28 Rasheed "Mac God" feat. Baby Beesh, South Park Mexican [Let The Games Begin]
'87 elbows, sell those, share holds like Melrose
2000-10-19 Lil' Flip "Put Yo Fist Up" feat. Redd, South Park Mexican [The Leprechaun]
If I need ice in my cup, then I use my chain, bling bling
1999-08-31 Frost "Los Katrachos" feat. Low-G, Mad One, Mr. Gee, South Park Mexican [That Was Then, This Is Now, Vol. 1]
Like pearl flake cane as it burns in the flame
2001 Al-D "Never Forget" feat. Screwed Up Click, South Park Mexican [4 Da Green]
We ain't slangin d, we just movin CD's
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1998-03-03 South Park Mexican "Hustle Town" feat. Filero [Hustle Town]
Representin' that H-town with my boy SPM
2002-04-23 Frost "Still Up In This Shit (Intro)" feat. Don Cisco [Still Up In This Shit]
Get down with the Tejanos, SPM and all my Hustle Town hermanos

origin: South Park, Houston, Texas, USA