Warren G
Warren G

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1994-06-07 Warren G "Runnin Wit No Breaks" feat. Bo-Roc, Jah Skills, Twinz [Regulate... G Funk Era]
Fuck a chin check, I'mma shoot him while my nigga blaze up the buddha
2001-12-11 Warren G "This Gangsta Shit Is Too Much" feat. Butch Cassidy [The Return of The Regulator]
Going hard on the yard, 'till my dogs bailed me
1994-06-07 Warren G "This Is The Shack" feat. The Dove Shack [Regulate... G Funk Era]
Dippin' down your block just to street sweep your spot, nigga
2005-10-11 Warren G "Walk These Streets" feat. Raphael Saadiq [In The Mid-Nite Hour]
I make music for block pushers and go-getters
1994-06-07 Warren G "And Ya Don't Stop" [Regulate... G Funk Era]
You know what I'm sayin, Warren motherfuckin G, beeyatch
1999-10-12 Warren G "If We Give You A Chance" feat. Phats Bossi, Slick Rick [I Want It All]
Hit 'em all for free, beyatch!
1994-06-07 Warren G "Regulate" feat. Nate Dogg [Regulate... G Funk Era]
I glanced in the cut, and I see my homey, Nate
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2011-09-27 9th Wonder "Enjoy (West Coastin')" feat. Kendrick Lamar, Murs, Warren G [The Wonder Years]
Banging beats for the gouda, paper plains, no hookahs
2003-05-25 Nate Dogg "There She Goes" feat. DJ Quik, Warren G [Nate Dogg]
She was kinda cavi to me
1993-06-29 Mista Grimm "Indo Smoke" feat. G-Child, Nate Dogg, Warren G [Poetic Justice Soundtrack]
Don't think you don't know where I'm from, I'm from 213
2002-07-30 Knoc-Turn'Al "Str8 West Coast (Remix)" feat. Nate Dogg, Shade Sheist, Warren G, Xzibit [La Confidential Presents...Knoc-Turn'Al]
My backpack rap's got my backpack strapped and filled with plaques
1992-12-15 Dr. Dre "Deeez Nuuuts" feat. Daz, Nate Dogg, Snoop Dogg, Warren G [The Chronic]
Throw off, go off, show off, I take that hoe
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1994-06-07 Warren G "And Ya Don't Stop" [Regulate... G Funk Era]
You know what I'm sayin, Warren motherfuckin G, beeyatch
1996-06-04 Warren G "We Want Yo Hands Up" feat. Mr. Malik [The Nutty Professor Soundtrack]
With Hershey Locc on the mic and Warren G is on the cut
1997-01-28 The Lady of Rage "Sho Shot" [Gridlock'd Soundtrack]
To mount up on that ass like Warren G, the regulator
1997-03-25 Warren G "Can You Feel It" [Take A Look Over Your Shoulder (Reality)]
Warren G came on the scene, put the G-funk with the gangsta lean
1998-09-01 Kurupt "That's Gangsta" [Kuruption!]
Warren G, drop that shit, man
1999-10-12 Warren G "Game Don't Wait" feat. Nate Dogg, Snoop Dogg [I Want It All]

origin: Long Beach, California, USA