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2016-06-17 YG "Bool, Balm & Bollective" [Still Brazy]
I'm just bicken and act like the bigger nigga
2012-02-07 YG "Blunted" feat. Casey Veggies, Shitty [DJ Mustard - 4 Hunnid Degreez]
We pushas, you roadkill
2013-01-12 YG "I Got Bitches" feat. DJ Mustard, Ty Dolla $ign [Just Re'd Up]
I got the bitch name Roxanne, she live in Bompton
2016-06-17 YG "Don't Come to LA" feat. A.D., Bricc Baby, Sadboy [Still Brazy]
Bompton! That where I'm from, shit is not allowed
2016-06-17 YG "Twist My Fingaz" [Still Brazy]
I put Bompton on the map, nigga
2012-02-07 YG "Bitch Betta Have My Money" feat. Kurupt, Tyga [DJ Mustard - 4 Hunnid Degreez]
Hoes got 'em trippin', cuffin' like cufflinks
2013-01-12 YG "She Bad" feat. Rich Boy, Ty$ [Just Re'd Up]
Like the bottom of my 501's, I'm trying to cuff
2016-06-17 YG "She Wish She Was" feat. Jay 305, Joe Moses [Still Brazy]
Bicken back with the Bloods, but she be crippin'
2015-10-16 The Game "Up on the Wall" feat. Problem, Ty Dolla $ign, YG [The Documentary 2.5]
Tree Top niggaz like the Hoovers in Bompton
2014-05-15 Jeremih "Don't Tell 'Em" feat. YG [Don't Tell 'Em]
Her nigga think she faithful, but she runnin game, YOLO, so take me out these Polos
2015-11-13 Ty Dolla $ign "Only Right" feat. Joe Moses, TeeCee4800, YG [Free TC]
Virgin bitches run, so I'm bool in that puss
2012-05-21 Far East Movement "Basshead" feat. YG [Dirty Bass]
Ain't nothing like a hoochie with an 808
2016-07-29 DJ Khaled "Fuck Up the Club" feat. Future, Rick Ross, YG, Yo Gotti [Major Key]
Maybachs for everybody, nigga, squad goals
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2016-06-17 YG "My Perception" feat. Slim 400 [Still Brazy]
Ay, YG, why these people bad-mouthing yo name, all this giving back you doing, you a bool nigga to me