Yung Joc
Yung Joc

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2006-06-06 Yung Joc "Hear Me Coming" [New Joc City]
My wrists on froze, make 'em jump up out they clothes
2007-08-28 Yung Joc "Coffee Shop (Dirty Version)" feat. Gorilla Zoe [Coffee Shop]
Turn the lights on, j's rush the parking lot
2006-06-06 Yung Joc "Hear Me Coming" [New Joc City]
What it is, I see ya out there Tony V
2006-06-06 Yung Joc "Don't Play Wit It" feat. Big Gee [New Joc City]
What it is, man?
2006-06-06 Yung Joc "Do Ya Bad" [New Joc City]
Throw the deuces, sayonara to you haters
2006-06-06 Yung Joc "Patron" [New Joc City]
Niggaz throw the deuces ery'time I ride by
2006-06-06 Yung Joc "Flip Flop" feat. Boyz N Da Hood, Cheri Dennis [New Joc City]
Now, shawty, what it is? What's on your mind?
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2007-12-04 DJ Drama "Throw Ya Sets Up" feat. Jadakiss, La The Darkman, Willie The Kid, Yung Joc [Gangsta Grillz: The Album]
59FIFTY cap on tilt, my ratchet is filled
2007-01-23 Trae "Couple Grand (Remix)" feat. Jay'Ton, Lil Boss, Yung Joc [Tha Truth Show]
See I got niggas from the west all the way to Fifth Ward
2008-03-17 Flo Rida "Don't Know How to Act" feat. Yung Joc [Mail on Sunday]
My deal is Ace of Spades, but I still like grape Kool-aid
2008-03-20 Flo Rida "Don't Know How To Act" feat. Yung Joc [Mail On Sunday]
Yeah my pockets on swoll
2007-10-03 Trae "Throwaway" feat. Gorilla Zoe, Yung Joc [Life Goes On]
Serve them birds, tote K's, Chevrolets on top of blades
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2006-06-06 Yung Joc "New Joc City (Intro)" [New Joc City]
New Joc city, starring Yung Joc, A-T-L's most wanted
2009-10-06 Masta Ace & Edo G "Little Young" [Arts & Entertainment]

origin: College Park, Georgia, USA