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combining form
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an intensifier, typically post-modifying an adjective or a noun
Collocates bitch30, bitch20, sheisty13, punk12, hoe11, bomb10, wack9, cock8, player-hating8, trife7, skanless7, buster7, big-ballin7, ghetto7, rapper7, gangsta6, fly6, sucker5, beat5, triflin5, booty5, player-hate5, rap4, loco4, gangsta4, G4, trill4, hoochie4, j4, biatch4, yo3, janky3, loc'd3, figures3, baby mama3, drop3, fresh3, lifted3, mark3, O.G.3, on the low3, on wax3, played-out3, grown3, proper3, puff3, ride3, rims3, slug3, thick2, hood rich2, hot2, l2, lac2, murk2, dump on2, floss2, mine2, phat2, pimp2, roll2, saditty2, snaps2, wanksta2, air out2, and shit2, ballin2, body2, breezy2, bust a nut2, cavi2, chronic2, bomb2, chronic2, cold2, mayne2, coochie2, studio gangsta2, trick2, time2, crab2, shot-caller2, Crooklyn2, fuck with2, fuck with2, got2, grimy2, dope2, flavor2, club2, clip2, baller2, chain2, ya heard2, word up2, rhyme2, fuckboy2, wigga2, tryna2, tool2, shife2, homie2, roll, roll, roll up, run a train, Sac-town, bumba claat, sack, sag, sess, shit, shotty, shout-out, saditty, simp, skank, skeeze, skeeze, skully, slang, slime, slip, snitch, snub, son, spit, spot, steelo, step up, straight, straight, straight up, straight up, stuntin, swag, telly, thick, threads, thug, thugged-out, thug, thuggish, tight, tote, triple O.G., trip, True, twist up, V-town, vato, vest, Vogue, wack, weed, what it do, Y.G., yac, nahmean, yam, zooted, bang, blood, brah, bolo, bub, ox, beef, beef, player-hating, baller, I'mma, skrt, bootylicious, commas, soft, roll with, Phillie, 7:30, bust a grape, clique, mack daddy, mean-mug, punk, sherm, snaps on the petrol, step off, trump tight, weight, bammer, Caddy, Desert Eagle, havin' thangs, baby mama drama, sneak disser, throwed, wannabe, stunt, bust, round, dap, let off, game, hate, dump, one-time, word, cock-block, hype, 5-0, for real, pop, 310, 38, 40, 64, 9, as fuck, as shit, backpack, bangin, boomin, booty, bruh, cake up, cat, chicken, chopper, Chuck T's, corner, crack, crew, crib, Crip, cuddy, cuff, D-town, dap, Dayton, cheese, digits, dime, dirt, dog, dome, dookie, down, down, e, fine, flex, flow, flow, freak, front, geah, get with, ghetto, glock, H-town, hater, heat, heater, hellafied, herb, homegirl, hoo-rida, hood, hooptie, hottie, hustler, ice, icy, ill, Jacob, janky, keep it real, kick, kicks, L.I., Lex, loco, loc'd out, Medina, mental, molly, nick, no doubt, Nolia, O.G., Oaktown, bust, off the hook, on lock, Optimo, ounce, out chea, out of pocket, pimp, Philly, plex, po-po, pig, push, rap, rap, ratchet, represent, represent, retarded, rhyme sayer, rock
Domains Grammar
Rhymes Wack2, gassed, glass

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