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combining form
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an intensifier, typically post-modifying an adjective or a noun
Collocates bitch25 bitch14 hoe12 sheisty11 punk9 bomb9 cock8 skanless7 ghetto7 gangsta7 big-ballin6 buster6 fly5 trill5 wack5 player-hate5 player-hating5 sucker5 trife5 j5 loco4 G4 beat4 rapper4 biatch4 hoochie4 booty4 figures3 on wax3 rap3 tryna3 loc'd3 puff3 rims3 ride3 played-out3 chronic3 lifted3 shit3 slug3 gangsta3 tool2 drop2 dump on2 flavor2 floss2 hot2 grimy2 grown2 and shit2 baby mama2 ballin2 triflin2 l2 yo2 O.G.2 homie2 cavi2 chain2 hood rich2 on the low2 crab2 lac2 mark2 phat2 mayne2 body2 pimp2 breezy2 chronic2 Crooklyn2 dope2 club2 thick2 time2 trick2 wigga2 janky2 shife2 ya heard2 tote2 fuck with2 word up2 janky2 mine2 proper2 coochie2 bomb2 studio gangsta2 Vogue2 opp2 herb homegirl ⋅ hood hoo-rida hottie H-town hype ice ill ⋅ Jacob Philly ⋅ saditty pimp ⋅ snaps ride ⋅ 38 ⋅ 40 5-0 9 as fuck as shit baller ⋅ 7:30 bammer bang ⋅ bangin ⋅ beef beef booty ⋅ brah ⋅ bruh ⋅ bub bumba claat bolo bust Caddy cake up chicken cock-block bust a grape commas corner ⋅ cheese crack crew clique crib cuddy dap dap digits dime dirt ⋅ Desert Eagle down ⋅ down ⋅ 310 backpack nick steelo straight straight stunt stuntin ⋅ swag telly thick ⋅ threads thug thug thugged-out trip triple O.G. True Medina mental molly Nolia twist up ⋅ vato vest ⋅ V-town wack weed weight Oaktown ounce ⋅ out chea ox Phillie ⋅ po-po one-time punk Optimo push rap represent retarded represent rhyme sayer roll round ⋅ roll roll with sack saditty Sac-town sherm shotty shout-out ⋅ simp skank ⋅ skrt sess slang slime slip ⋅ sneak disser snitch ⋅ son spit skeeze soft ⋅ mack daddy L.I. mean-mug pop ⋅ Lex rap rock word ⋅ yac yam zooted straight up thuggish come up ⋅ wanksta fed bootylicious baller ⋅ D-town ⋅ hustler icy fuckboy let off loco roll up ⋅ nahmean ⋅ no doubt ⋅ dookie out of pocket bid ratchet skully spot ⋅ roll fresh chopper baby mama drama pole cuff murk snaps on the petrol fuck with rhyme what it do kicks cap ⋅ flex ⋅ havin' thangs hooptie off the hook old school bust a nut run a train boomin ⋅ air out snitch ⋅ player-hating plex knot CO ⋅ ruckus e money-maker fine ⋅ flow flow freak ⋅ game geah ⋅ get with ⋅ ghetto glock hate ⋅ hater heat hellafied
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