Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five


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a greeting;
a call for attention
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Collocates bitch3 yo2 god2 jawn2 what's poppin'2 on lock2 on the low2 roll2 and shit2 bust2 tryna2 wack2 muh'fucker2 Chi-town2 correct2 shout-out2 block boo boogie-down broccoli bugged-out cheese cipher ⋅ crack pipe crazy cuh ⋅ dog dinero don mega down with ⋅ fatty fiend ⋅ figures flavor fly for real froze G game gat get over gun-clapper hydro in full effect jook maintain mine ⋅ murk nick Oaktown off the hook parlay perico rap rap rapper realness rhyme roll deep roll up ⋅ root of evil slammin ⋅ sleep on snaps steelo time tote trife twist ⋅ weight what the dilly what up ⋅ whip whip word up ⋅ Y.O. birdy push someone's wig back 24 Beretta 6 bust drop keep it real spit thugged-out dro 215 40 dog 8 9 Ac baby mama backpack battle
Etymology from a colloquial pronunciation of hey, yo

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