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a greeting;
a call for attention
(orthography in the examples is due to transcription, so beware conflation with "hey, yo")
Categories Greetings
Collocates what's poppin'4, shout-out4, bitch3, yo3, son3, what's up3, what's crackin'3, word up3, on the low2, spit2, correct2, 62, and shit2, roll2, tryna2, Chi-town2, drop2, god2, jawn2, keep it real2, on lock2, thugged-out2, wack2, bust2, bust2, fam2, fly, for real, four pound, G, game, game, get over, gun-clapper, Henny, holla at ya boy, homeboy, homie, hooptie, hot, hydro, in full effect, jook, kick, maintain, mine, murk, nick, Oaktown, off the hook, parlay, peace, perico, rap, rap, rapper, realness, rhyme, rolly, roll deep, root of evil, shit, shorty, shorty, slammin, sleep on, snaps, spark up, spark up, spit, time, trife, trife, twist, what it do, what the dilly, what up, whip, word up, Brooklawn, peace, what the deal, Y.O., chill, rep, dope, I'mma, twisted, flavor, broccoli, roll up, 8, weight, whip, cuh, dog, double R, hater, tool, gat, tote, froze, 215, crazy, cheese, steelo, dro, 40 dog, 9, Ac, aggy, B.I., baby mama, back in the day, backpack, battle, block, boo, boogie-down, bugged-out, bwoy, cipher, crack, crack pipe, dinero, don mega, down with, Dutch, fatty, fiend, figures
Domains Everyday
Etymology from a colloquial pronunciation of hey, yo
Etymology Derives from yo

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