baby mama

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the mother of a man's child
Collocates bitch16, hoe9, trip8, I'mma5, club4, brain3, -ass3, Benz3, crib3, dope3, hit3, holla3, homie3, mayne3, seed3, hate2, G2, dog2, baby-daddy2, head2, homeboy2, on the low2, pad2, player2, rapper2, slang2, cop2, blow up2, for sure, freak, freak, G, gangsta, ghetto, god, holla at, hood, hood-rat, hustler, hustle, jake, jock, jock, ki, kick, kush, leather, live, locs, Mac, MAC-11, mark, Nolia, on the daily, on the under, pigeon, pimp, pistol-grip, play, Range, rep, rims, roll with, scratch, scrilla, sheisty, show out, sleep on, slide, smoke, snatch, spliff, sprung, squeeze off, stack, stay, stress, sweat, swerve, the vapors, thug, tight, trife, triflin, uzi, wet, what's up, yo, e'ry, top, dump, sneak dis, tryna, 69, act a fool, all about, ayo, baby mama drama, ball, bang, beef, beef, bitch, bop, buster, bust a nut, Caddy, cheddar, clip, crab, crew, d-boy, dick, dirt, dough, fed, fiend, figures, fine, flow
Derivatives baby-mama drama, BM

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