LL Cool J

back in the day

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at some time in the past, way back
Collocates homie3 slang2 crack2 around the way bag ⋅ bang ⋅ beat beef beef bitch bitch blaze ⋅ bling blunt boulder bread cane candy ⋅ club Crenshaw crew Crooklyn dope down ⋅ ends fade ⋅ fiend ⋅ fuck with gangsta hay ⋅ hella hip-hop hood hood hustle jam ⋅ juice ⋅ kicks knot mack daddy mob ⋅ phat ⋅ props push rock shorty ⋅ shit ⋅ scrilla sleep on snatch ⋅ spit stack trap trip turn it out wack wick-wack yay yo 40 all about
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