Method Man


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a cigar, typically emptied of tobacco and packed with marijuana
Collocates roll up6 Dutch6 Phillie5 twist5 blunt4 White Owl3 Swisher3 loud2 hood2 dro2 bitch2 kush2 illy in the cut mack ⋅ owl puff ⋅ purple haze ⋅ sess smoke ⋅ sour diesel spark up steady steam ⋅ straight that's what's up ⋅ weed thizz roll O.G. Optimo block blow ⋅ herb front Garcia Vega good hood hydro
Domains Drugs Marijuana Proprietary
Etymology from Backwoods, a brand of cigar
Related concepts Dutch Optimo Owl Philly ⋅ Swisher Vega White Owl

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