Method Man


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a cigar, typically emptied of tobacco and packed with marijuana
Collocates Dutch7, roll up6, Phillie5, twist5, blunt4, Swisher3, roll3, White Owl3, burn2, dro2, hood2, Optimo2, bitch2, kush2, loud2, O.G.2, front, Garcia Vega, good, hoe, hood, hydro, illy, in the cut, raw, mack, owl, pop, puff, purple haze, blow, sess, smoke, spark up, steady, steam, straight, block, that's what's up, tool, tree, sour, sour diesel, weed, fuck with, coke, dope, herb
Etymology from Backwoods, a brand of cigar
Related concepts Dutch, Optimo, Owl, Philly, Swisher, Vega, White Owl

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